The Ten Stages of Mind-development

Bodhisattvahood, part 4

In Tathagata-garbha, Unborn Mind Zen, there are Ten-Stages (Bhumis) of development:

1. Awareness: seeing into the Nature of Buddhi As It Is: Yathabhutam
2. Hearing through Ears That See the Dharmadhatu: Dhammasota
3. Being perfumed with the very Essence of the Tathagata: Mahabodhicitta
4. The Bodhichild is now able to taste and digest this Buddhi: Bodhi-dhatu
5. Being now fully embodied with the Essence of Bodhi: Bodhikaya
6. Attunement with the Supraconsciousness of the Tathagata: Cittipada
7. Alignment with the Self as devoid of adventitious associations: Cittidhatu
8. Partaking in the Bodhi-store of the accumulated Buddha-gnosis of the Tathagata: Amala-vijñāna
9. Yoked-union with the Element of Truth: Yogadhatu
10. Relishing in the Dharmakaya As the Dharmakaya: Dharmamegha

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