Evagrius Ponticus—Gnostikos Premier

Evagrius Ponticus (b. 345 in Ibora; d. 399 in Egypt), was an ascetic-theologian monk and is considered to be one of the most outstanding intellects of the fourth century. Seemingly destined for a brilliant ecclesiastical career, he chose the more radical option of fleeing to the desert in Egypt and living at the monasteries in Nitria and Kelli. This move was necessitated after engaging in a brief extramarital affair: Evagrius fell in love with a married woman of the aristocratic class, but even Read more [...]
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September 23, 2017

Does today mark the beginning of the Apocalypse and the imminent arrival of the Rapture?  Legions of imminent doom videos on Youtube have painted the picture of today’s prophetic setting—they all point to an astrological constellation occurring today, September 23, 2017, that apparently matches what is written in the Book of Revelation 12:1-2 "And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of 12 stars. She was pregnant Read more [...]
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Children of Light and Darkness

Our present age can be likened to one of the final chapters of the Kali Yuga, or an age when the spirit of darkness reigns free and unhindered. The children of this dark realm are born into what is described in the Lankavatarian Book of the Dead as inhabitants of the Karmadhatu: No one is born into this saha world with a blank-slate, a tabula rasa. No one is born into this world alone. No. There is much congregating going on as the imprints of lifetimes upon lifetimes; eons and eons of karmic Read more [...]
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Queer Dimensions in Contemplative Methodologies

This is a companion piece to our most recent blog on Contemplative Pedagogy. It portrays an accurate account of what constitutes today’s academic atmosphere in purported “higher-education.” The vanguard to such a reality consists in a reformulation of sexual identity, one that not only occurs at the college branch, but also under all levels of educational institutions, even within the tender and formative years of kindergarten. Alternative communities would insist that these are Survival Read more [...]
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Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Houston and other afflicted areas from the storm. May some degree of normalcy return to your lives soon. Read more [...]
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Contemplative Pedagogy?

This blog will address a contemporary expose on “Contemplative Pedagogy” written by Peter Kaufman of the sociology department @ Suny New Paltz, USA. Professor Kaufman asserts that there is a need to synthesize Contemplation with a critical pedagogy, one that is devoted and directed towards radical social transformation. While he maintains that contemplation is an “inner-directed practice of helping students find balance and wholeness in their lives”, it also needs to be linked with a Read more [...]
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This is the destiny of most sentient minds…

Desire-Thought-Function. The creation of one enables the latter, ad-infinitum. From the first to the last and from the last back to the first. This is depicted in the image above showing the minds many, many ways and ability to manifest this process in its countless permutations, all of them without the slightest flaw, or mercy, prolonging the presence of Samsara and not Nirvana in the mind´s  own reality, the Dharmakaya. Hence where there is Dharmakaya, the mind sees and experiences Samsara Read more [...]
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Black Naga

Rounding-out this series revolving around all-things-Naga, it needs to be stated unequivocally that what was represented early-on was no figment of an active imagination or some attempt to engage in any form of, let us say, “role-playing”—as if encountering nagas and their singular Naga-Gnosis is like partaking in a “game”, such as Dungeons and Dragons. Denny Sargent states in his Naga Magick: The Wisdom of the Serpent Lords, …as I expanded my research geographically I realized that Read more [...]
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Is the Loch-Ness Monster a Naga?

Back in 2014 Britain’s first Lama, Lama Gelongmo Zangmo, created a media sensation when she proclaimed that Scotland’s good ol’ Nessie was in actuality a Naga, as found in both Hinduism and Buddhism. “Zangmo’s position as a Caucasian woman who has achieved the rank of lama is virtually unprecedented in Tibetan tradition. The adaptation of a local Tibetan practice works to situate her as an authentic participant within the sphere of Tibetan culture. In fact, by taming a local Read more [...]
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Dark Side of the Mind

Today’s Total Solar Eclipse occurs astrologically at the Leo new moon, which incidentally happens to be my own birth sign—turning 60 at this junction, August 21, 2017. This spectacular solar event is the first total eclipse to travel from one coast of America to the other, journeying as it does across 12 states (diagonally from Oregon to South Carolina), for almost a century. For those fortunate enough to be in its path, it will appear like a Dark Sun is arising: Of course, for many Read more [...]
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