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The Ariyan Vocation


The Ariyan Vocation is jump-started with two essential variables—Samatha (unshakable calm) and Vipassanā (clear-headed gnosis). Without them one remains bound to patterns of contingency—forever linked with samsaric strings of irrationality and chaotic consequential behaviors. Beings of a nobler-kind are like … Continue reading

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Overcoming the Double-edged Sword


3.36 Arjuna inquired, “Blessed One, what is the power that binds us to selfishness? Yes, what is behind that self-destructive force to commit actions that are contrary to our will?” 3.37 It is desire and anger, born from passion that … Continue reading

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Bodhisattvahood, Part 3 Mindfulness One dominant component of the developing (bodhichild) Bodhisattva is commonly referred to as mindfulness; it is more singularly employed within Unborn Mind Zen as the Recollective Resolve, or smŗti. Smŗti is indeed that essential element within … Continue reading

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When the adept’s perceptional faculties are regenerated, all discursive associations dissolve away like shadows disappearing into the deepening twilight. One awakens beyond the mundane affairs of the heavy-laden body consciousness into the boundless miracle of the deathless principle. There is … Continue reading

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