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Zen [1] is the name of [unborn]Mind, and only through the purifying power of Zen can the mind [of a potential Buddha] fully recall itself, its true nature; which is Mind Unborn and no-thing else. The first mistake all beginners … Continue reading

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Mañjuśhrī’s Chair


  Hui Hai (720-814)  Q: How is the fundamental Dharma to be practiced?  A: Only through meditation and dhyana contemplation in samadhi. The Dhyanaparamita Sutra says: “To seek the wisdom of Buddha, you need both dhyana and contemplation. Without dhyana and contemplation … Continue reading

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Predestined Karmic Associations

Part 2: On Prajñā  Prologue:  (Yampolsky) “I was predestined to come to live here and to preach to you officials, monks, and laymen. My teaching has been handed down from the sages of the past; it is not my own … Continue reading

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