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One who knows does not speak, one who speaks does not know


WHEN KNOWLEDGE WENT NORTH Knowledge wandered north Looking for Tao, over the Dark Sea, And up the Invisible Mountain. There on the mountain he met Non-Doing, the Speechless One. He inquired: “Please inform me, Sir, By what system of thought … Continue reading

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The remedy for a self-ignorant Mind

1. Entrance into the dark wall of Pi Kuan

The roadblocks set up by your own mind are just you, lacking right knowledge of your own Mind. Specifically its uncreated substance with its myriad functions, and hence ability, that produces incalculable positions within an arised field of consciousness, when … Continue reading

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The Boundless Realm

Boundless Realm

In the Such one abides nowhere and yet everywhere, All the ten-directions are displayed right before you. The smallest is the largest, In the Realm where no delusions dwell. The large is as small as small can be large, In … Continue reading

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Zen [1] is the name of [unborn]Mind, and only through the purifying power of Zen can the mind [of a potential Buddha] fully recall itself, its true nature; which is Mind Unborn and no-thing else. The first mistake all beginners … Continue reading

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  (D) Benediction The priest of the Five Dhyanī Buddhas also is united with their Primal Source; thus Vajrasattva is esoterically representative of Samantabhadra Ādi-Buddha, the Unborn and Imageless Dharmakaya element. As the Divine Liturgy of Vajrasattva draws to a … Continue reading

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Tozen: The Spirit of Zen Buddhism

Bodhidharma´s Cave 2 (1)

  The Zen Master wanders the temple yard, while slowly waving a paper fan against his face under the hot summer sun. A monk approaches fast]. “Yes, Master?” “It is a hot day, and all beings suffer the sun of … Continue reading

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Tozen: What is it about?


  [snips a tiny branch from a bonsai tree] “When this world ends, where will you go?” “But Master, surely this world is not about to end and I will probably go before it goes?” “Is there a difference?” “But … Continue reading

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Neti, Neti

4. Bloodstream Sermon, Part 3 And this mind, through endless kalpas without beginning, has never varied. It has never lived or died, appeared or disappeared, increased or decreased. Its not pure or impure, good or evil, past or future. It’s … Continue reading

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A Phantasmagoric Voyage

3. The Disciples’ Reluctance to Visit Vimalakirti, cont’d The Buddha then said to the venerable Mahakatyayana, “Katyayana, go to the Licchavi Vimalakirti to inquire about his illness.” Katyayana replied, “Lord, I am indeed reluctant to go that good man to … Continue reading

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The Bodhisoul

Being bestowed with the dark principle of the Unborn Buddha Mind opens the secret entrance to the Bodhisoul. This is truly a state of buddhaic bliss whose divine darkness blinds the obtuse body consciousness, rendering the reliance on its tired … Continue reading

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