Jesus and the Dharmakaya

Some modern sources wrongly make the assertion that the Dharmakaya (the absolute, imageless Buddha Body of Perfect Suchness within the Buddhaic Trikaya) is comparable to the Christian notion of the unseen Creator God, the one who has created all things, both visible and invisible, within the sphere of phenomenal reality. The Dharmakaya is not linked with any Eternalist-Creationist notion of some Divine Being that has formulated the created order; on the contrary, it is creation-less and existential-less and whose imageless (this includes all known phenomenal attributes of perception) and undivided kingdom of one’s True Self Nature (ref.,Tozen)—the Essential Truth Body, represents what cannot be expressed within carnal knowledge.

Jesus the Christ, the world-transcending Bodhisattva of Unborn Buddahic Light, highlights, (in his bodily manifestation as Jesus) as did Sakyamuni Buddha before him, the Nirmanakaya or the physical formulation of the Trikaya. It was his superessential Christos (anointed) element, revealed through his mystical teachings (the Sambhogkaya, or the enjoyment-body realm wherein the essential truth of the dhamma is awakened for those with eyes the hear and ears that see) that empowered many to enter into union with the Dharmakaya Element of Truth, who, Jesus referred to as Abba. “The Father and I are One…Be One as I Am in the Father and the Father is in me and we are IN you.” Jesus came to preach this essential teaching and truth of the Father’s Kingdom (The Dharmakaya). Jesus always stated that his Father’s kingdom was not of this world (the created, manifested realm) but that IT was a Reality hidden deep within—“the Kingdom of my Father is within You”. This is not to be confused with pantheistic notions that the Unborn Spirit is equivalent to all phenomena…but rather, as Tozen’s Dharmakaya Sutra states, “the body consciousness IS IN my spirit, my spirit IS NOT IN this body consciousness.”

This, undivided, Dharmakayic Kingdom of the everlasting Self is the way, the truth, and the life. Jesus spent his last drop of blood bringing this Self-Realization to light, and that was “knowing my spirit, my true self, as thus is to know my Buddhanature and knowing my Buddhanature will release me from self-ignorance and future pain”. (Dharmakaya Sutra, v 3.9) When Jesus breathed his last dying words on the Cross of Phenomenal pain, “Father, into your hands I commend my Spirit”(in the Lucan gospel account, 23:46)—he fully revealed this Divine Self-Realization, and conquered Mara for all time. His final “fiat” in saying yes to the Divine Unborn Will of the Dharmakayic Father-Self, thus empowered many to cross over the sea of samsara into radiant and Unborn Light—the Nirvanic Entrance into the Dharmakaya Itself.

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