The Bodhisoul

Being bestowed with the dark principle of the Unborn Buddha Mind opens the secret entrance to the Bodhisoul. This is truly a state of buddhaic bliss whose divine darkness blinds the obtuse body consciousness, rendering the reliance on its tired old tricks of maintaining a false sense of separation ineffectual and void in the face of this deathless love. The Bodhisoul is boundless and can only be realized when one discovers that all former spiritual experiences are pale and self-empty when compared to this dark contemplation of the imageless mind. Absolutely nothing is left now that can prevent one from passing safely through the gateless gate into the noble embrace of the Shining Ones who await those who have crossed-over from samsara, beckoning them to partake in the choicest wine of pari-nirvana.

The Bodhisoul knows nothing but a constant surrender to the dark wonder bestowed by its imageless master, as all former karmic ties to false paths and teachers and spiritual conceptualizations are burned-away in the ecstasy of Bright Bodhicitta that reveals true enlightenment: not some self-possessed commodity that is reserved exclusively for apparent spiritual avatars who are purportedly “in the know”—looking disdainfully downward on those who cannot traverse their vain and callous heights—but rather one who is now enraptured with buddhaic-light (en-lightened) as one’s former load and burden (inflicted by the false-ones) is fully “lightened” as the revelation dawns that one’s true teachers are the imageless ones.

When worldly pleasures feel vain and empty, when prayer and meditation run dry, when intellectual resources reach the stagnation point, when all else has failed and nothingness itself seems to be ruling the day, the dark night of the Bodhisoul will then descend upon you…empowering you to say in fervent trust: “Into your deathless hands, Beloved Imageless One, I commend my spirit.”

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2 Responses to The Bodhisoul

  1. Sansiddhah says:

    Just what I needed to read.

  2. Cady says:

    Superb information here, ol’e chap; keep burning the mdinight oil.

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