The dark contemplation, aligned with the Spirit of Bodhi, descends like a blanket of divine darkness over the sensate and spiritual faculties of the adept. What transpires next is a refined cleansing of both faculties. Firstly, the skandhas are purged, awakening the bodhichild from its former slumber within endless cycles of desire—its eyes now beholding the undivided awareness power of the Unborn Mind. Now forming within the dark-garbha of superessential light, this child’s own Bodhisoul is marked with auspicious qualities of buddhaic grace, thus initiating its own baptism in union with the Unborn Spirit and Mind.

The purgation of the skandhas is most ordinary and can occur with regularity for even the most elementary adept. Whereas the illumination within the Bodhisoul is most rare and happens as infrequently as a flower appearing in the deepest snows of Tibet; one needs to be deeply attuned to the Power of Bodhi and disciplined in the Recollective Resolve whose constant vigilance awaits the arrival of its Imageless Master. Many adepts never grasp this divine self-realization and those who do cannot describe this ineffable state of grace.

Blinded by the skandhas, a young adept is bewitched by their influences and is inclined to favor their own inner-impulses and desires that hinder them on this path to Divine Union. If one fully attunes their dharma ears (dhammasota) to the ever-abiding and loving influence of the Unborn Spirit, these primal instincts and yearnings can be transmuted into the loving gaze of the inner-bodhichild, whose own recollective fervor is designed to transcend the effects of the skandhas in favor of its Bodhisoul’s exclusive union with the Unborn Spirit and Mind and no-thing else. In this fashion, one is liberated from their skandhic imperfections empowering them to enter into communion with the very vivifying Source of their self-nature.

Through this dark contemplation, the adept can now say adieu to their own imagination, as image after insatiable image is dispelled through the rays of divine darkness. One’s former discursive thought-patterns are now stilled as the sweet breathe of the bodhichild whispers its canticle of self-awakening… “Awake, O Sleeper, Arise from the dead, and the Light of the Unborn will shine upon you.”

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    Very informative post.

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