The Dharmacloud

When one transcends beyond the narrow confines of the sensate faculties (skandhas), the overlords of samsara itself, there is a growing sense of up-rootedness and even fear and trembling at the prospect of surrendering even one’s will into the realm of the unknowable. Yet, taking that next step beyond is a decision to leave behind all former known modes of perception that were, in reality, hindering the adept from entering into the undiscovered and imageless path of the Sacred Unknowable. This essential step is like what the Buddha would call the Dharmamegha, or Dharma-cloud. Once entering into this Dharma-cloud, even the perceptional demon himself (Mara), loses his ability to shape and control one’s spirit since he is now no longer the master of the game.

This entrance into the Dharma-cloud is a great blessing as one escapes all rules of perception that evaporates in the presence of divine darkness—a luminous light that is dark and obscure for the carnal mind, yet a brilliant primordial luminosity that nudges the sleeping spirit and says, “Awake-awake! Arise from your slumber, a new day is rising!” Even one’s “understanding” departs from itself and is changed from natural to divine; there is no longer a need to acquire “knowledge” itself, since that feeble, perceptionally-handicapped enterprise now gives way to the Bright Bodhicitta that is akin to the Unborn Will Itself.

Within this Sacred Cloud a new day has dawned; one is free to celebrate the beginning of a journey into Unborn Light, when all former attachments and associations fade away into dharmameghic ecstasy.  One is now empowered, through the Unborn Spirit, saying, “Take, O Imageless One, all my former memories, understandings, even my entire will—everything conceivable that I used to call my own. Through the self-realization of Noble Wisdom I can see clearer now that You Alone are the Source of my being; I now surrender all my former sensate imperfections and ask to be enlightened through your Unborn Will alone. Give me only your love and grace, for I am rich enough through what You will reveal to me…this I ask and nothing more.”

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  1. Sansiddhah says:

    A lot of “food for thought” in this post; or should I say – “food for the spirit”

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