When the adept’s perceptional faculties are regenerated, all discursive associations dissolve away like shadows disappearing into the deepening twilight. One awakens beyond the mundane affairs of the heavy-laden body consciousness into the boundless miracle of the deathless principle. There is no turning back; if one were to rekindle just one former attachment, then sweet union with the unborn is lost. All one need do is to allow this regeneration of one’s former pattern of existence to emerge. To paraphrase a familiar spiritual proclamation, “And I live, now not I, but the Unborn Spirit liveth in me.”

When this spiritual regeneration occurs, one is freed from all skandhic shackles and stands naked on the imageless terrain of deathlessness. The adept now begins to put to rest any further dialectical doubts: does this union with the Unborn in this transcendent dimension differ from union with It in the midst of one’s daily activities? Indeed, how can one be united with the Unborn in the daily events of life and not, at least in some measure, also being united with IT as It Is In Itself?

There is no bifurcation here: the awakening of the spiritual regeneration empowers the adept to see Reality (dharmadhatu) through the Very Eyes of the Blessed One and no longer through the constricted and dualistic lens of the body consciousness. There is no longer samsara or nirvana, enslaved mind or awakened bodhisattva, male or female, for all is One in the Sacred and Undivided Splendor of the Unborn.

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3 Responses to Regeneration

  1. Jure says:

    The Adept must be careful – and not give up Doubt easily to mistake a minor opening for the real thing: “some people mistake a “oneness” experience for “seeing the nature.” This is a very big mistake though not uncommon. Oneness is actually a step away from no self, though it is a big step to take. In oneness there is a sense that you are one with the universe. However, no matter how subtle the self may be then, and that can be quite subtle, there is still a self and a universe to be one with. That next and important step of letting go of a subtle self can be very difficult.”

  2. Jure says:

    Still struggling – through these words, through tracing the organ of hearing to its imageless source, many small holes in the skandhic-matrix opening. Thankfully I can always come to rest and drink from this fountain of wisdom here!

    “If you haven’t gained entry, you must gain entry. Once you have gained entry, don’t turn your back on your old teacher.” – Muzhou

  3. Bodhichild says:

    Most astute observation; indeed, “oneness” itself has a most discriminatory flare and implies “union” with some-thing “other”, hence the birth of duality in Cartesian fashion. “One” is employed here as an expedient monistic tool that highlights for the sensualist reader that there is no-thing “other” than the undivided Reality of the Un-born.

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