In the dharma expanse of the Unborn Mother
She, holy Goddess, Tara resides
Bestowing well-being to all.
Invoke her protection from all fear

The Divine Feminine appears in many diverse cultures and is indicative of the protective and nurturing Element of Truth within the Beloved Unborn. In the Catholic world this element is manifested as the Blessed Virgin Mary and the final Sunday in the Season of Advent is devoted to her as the vessel that ushered in the Age of Emmanuel—or God is with us within the incarnation. In Orthodox circles she is known as the Theotokos, or God-Bearer; yet, she personifies all who are empowered to be bearers of this Sacred Unborn Word whose Light forever shines in the darkness of this present saha-realm.

Within Buddhism this element is manifested as Beloved Tara—who, out of infinite compassion for suffering humanity, was born from the tears of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. Tara is considered as the Mother of all Buddhas and is mystically portrayed in the above depiction (if you click it, she will expand) as having Seven Eyes—the usual two, and a third eye in the middle of her forehead and on each hand and foot—revealing that her Compassionate Vigilance encompasses all who suffer; this also depicts the all pervasive Recollective Vigilance that those on the Unborn path are called to embrace.

Yes, the Element of the Divine Feminine is deeply embedded in the collective psyche and is essentially Divine Wisdom Herself; to drink deeply from this Source assures one a proper dharma-compass that directs the way to healthy discernment within the oftentimes volatile and turbulent Samsaric Sea. Like Beatrice in Dante’s Divine Comedy, Tara is a guide whose unbounded compassion and love will never let you down during your earthly sojourn; invoking her divine aid is an auspicious action that will Bless you with Noble Wisdom and abiding peace.

Oh Tara, holy liberator, swift acting mother, we
pray and invoke your blessings.
Please watch over us, protect us, and hold us in your
loving embrace

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