Avadhūta Gītā

The Avadhūta Gītā is traditionally considered as a sacred text of Advaita attributed to Dattatreya who was looked upon as an incarnation of Brahman. Yet it far exceeds any one limited definition. Avadhuta essentially means a “liberated one”—one who has transcended the material state and has awakened into the Self-Realization of the Divine Atman. A Shining One, beyond all secular or religious attributes and who now sings of the Pure, undefiled, and Unborn stateless state on the further shore of Nirvana. Reading and studying this Gita is a sheer joy as it seems to emanate from the Unborn Spirit Itself—bespeaking that all-pervasive Sacred Selfhood, devoid of all dualities—indeed, the Real looking at the Real and no-thing else…

One who has awakened and has seen one’s True Self Nature, That which is Unborn, Beyond Words and is Boundless, spontaneously celebrates the Sacred Unknowable.

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