Paladin of the Way

Coming to the realization of just what constitutes the Alaya vijnana and all of its ramifications can really be overpowering, as if there is nothing that can curb its dominate dominion over sentient reality—like an incurable cancer. The reason for this stems from the fact that the majority of the inhabitants in this saha-realm who attempt to quell its effects are looking for a solution in all the wrong places. There is too-much emphasis in this dharma-ending age upon cultivating ways or techniques to transcend the waves of the vijnanas through what is wrongly ascertained as awareness, i.e., by becoming the observer of all that is going on both inside and outside the ken of consciousness. Yet, becoming the “observer” is really just another character coming to the surface from deep within the layers of the Alaya; this role-playing of just another face of the vijnanas is what the Hindus refer to as Lila—or the cosmic play…and it is just that, playing around in the playground of Mara. All hope appears lost—like being twirled incessantly round and round in that concave hall of mirrors—just one reflection (image after image) magnified a thousand-time over. It appears that there are no real heroes around who can transcend this mad play. But wait…there is another! There is also an “unstained-seed”, the gotra (bodhichild) whose growing maturation can dispel the bewitching nature of the Alaya vijnana. This unstained seed is Buddha-nature Itself. The bodhiseed. And what happens when this seed begins the process of transcending the dark pool of the Alaya? There arises a “stainless consciousness”, Amala-vijnana, which is synonymous with Suchness (Tathata) Itself. This is the only way that the Alaya vijnana can turn-about and bow in reverence to its blessed twin (Tathagata garbha) and rightful heir to the self-realization of Noble Wisdom.

The great Paladins of the Way to this Noble self-realization are the Bodhisattvas (light-bearers). They implant this bodhiseed—the true nature of awakening—which is the undivided awareness power (bodhipower)) of the Unborn Mind; in so doing they are disseminating the bodhi-signals that truly quell the effects of the composed (vijnanas). They are the Black Dragons who are the carriers of this Noble Wisdom. They are the true champions of Mind who unravel the message that there is nothing to fear but the projections that are created by the Mind Itself. Through one swift swing of Manjushri’s Imageless Sword, the influence of the Alaya vijnana is brought to nought. The following video is a teaching by Tozen that reflects the nature of these Noble Champions of Unborn Light.

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