Leviathan from the Deep

Just a little commercial break from the Sutra—this rare, 27-pound oddity (lobster) was recently discovered off the coast of Maine. Could it be that this giant crustacean is a throw-back from some dark and foreboding primordial sea—the great grand-daddy of them all? Or perhaps a monster freak as portrayed in the ol’ 1950s Sci-fi thrillers…a hideous genetic manipulation due to the effects of the Atomic Age? Then again, maybe its genetic structure has been altered due to all the polluted waste material that is periodically dumped into our oceans. Along the same angle as those sci-fi flicks, imagine this critter somehow being manifested from the darkest corner of the Alaya. Whatever its origin, don’t fret—this lobster-delight will not find its way into the boiling-pot to satisfy someone’s palate anytime soon; I’m sure it will be scrutinized and studied in the foreseeable future.


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2 Responses to Leviathan from the Deep

  1. XyzW-AO says:

    Does it have Buddha-Nature?

  2. Bodhichild says:

    What is, it?

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