Hymn to Samantabhadra: A Supplement to the Lanka Book of the Dead


* One who is in Union with the Supreme Primordial Samantabhadra will celebrate with a Clear Heart and Mind-Body as hard as a diamond; for verily, when the water of the mind becomes transfigured in the Great Ocean of the Buddhakaya and of Perfected Noble Wisdom, it is changed into the Mind of infinite compassion—the Bodhicittapada.

Great Laud and supplication to the Wisdom Buddha Supreme
The Eternal Father of infinite and undivided salvific Unborn Light
The Clear-Light of His Dharmakaya—A blinding-flash to Darkened Samsaric minds
But a Darkness Visible who seek refuge in the Light of True Illumination

O’ seek refuge in the Universal Light That is beyond all understanding
Whose Pure Radiance frees and cleanses spirit from the defiled soil of Karma
His unparalleled Majesty outshines sun and moon
Measure beyond Measure in inconceivable Compassion

Myriad Buddhas and Bodhisattvas gather from the Ten Directions
Bearing great praise and honor on Triumphant Imageless Wings
That Bespeak the All-Glorious Hue bedecked with the Seven-fold Jewels
Emanating from the Living Bodhi-Tree within the Sacred Heart of Suchness

Absolute One, in You is perfect Freedom Found
When all draw nigh unto your own True Body
There is Universal Mind and Spirit Bestowed
In this is perfect paradise, an undivided Kingdom of Nirvanic Self

Turn-forth thy Dharma-eye upon us
For True Faith is seeing through the Light of your Perfected Bodhi-seed
That is itself the potentiality of all that is Divine in You
Empower us to abide in that Deathless Light, with no more Kalpas to come

*The following is a meditation that compliments this hymn. Frequent meditation on the Samantabhadra Mandala empowers one to discern new visionary patterns, revealed each time, that can heighten the developing Awareness Principle within your spirit. Also, it highlights what Lama Anagarika Govinda once wrote, an “indescribable experience of primordial unity-not dull and inert, but vibrant with rhythmic life and light, with celestial sounds of songs and harmonies , melodiously rising and falling and merging and then fading away into silence.”

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