The Elixir of Life: Bardo 1, Part 5

The equation, Spirit-Mind-Body, is in actuality an ancient alchemical formula. Together they forge the alignment that accounts for the proper and holistic flow for the elixir of Primordial Bodhi. In a very real sense they are a reflection of the Trikayic Bodies of the Buddha: Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya, and Nirmanakaya. The ancient Tibetans were fully aware of this formulation and were able to incorporate it into The Tibetan Book of the Dead. One can see the inherent wisdom in this as these elemental quotients correlate the Supreme Principle that is never static or frozen in any one state, but a constant and vibrant flow of bodhipower: the fluidity of Spirit that is manifested on the Visionary plane and concretized into a unit of transformational elasticity, or Vehicle (Body) enroute to its Pure Mind Self-realization; a true cosmic play of the elementals curving back and forth across the deathless dimension of the unborn. The Daoist factor comes into play when the cognizance dawns that the inner-channel of communication, or working relationship between these elementals is the Primordial Qi—that essential life-force energy that keeps the interaction in motion. If the Qi is hindered or blocked in any way, as relayed through my own experience in the previous post, then breakdown occurs that inhibits proper bodhi-flow and general well-being. Primordial Qigong is one modality that can keep the play of the primordial elements in check.

The next blog post will be a breakdown of the technique of Primordial Qigong in Light of the Unborn, but for now a formulation of the upcoming terminology is in order. The mobilization of Qi throughout what is called as the Meridan system—or those aforementioned channels of communication—is initiated in what is known as the Dantien (the primordial field of elixir). The Dantien is a small point located in the lower abdomen approximately three inches below the navel and one inch back into the body. The Daoists say that it is within this Dantien that “an immortal fetus is developed.” Researching this was a real synchronicity for me since back in ‘03-‘04 I was writing about how this Dantien-point is the mystical location of the bodhi-child, in a book about “Unborn Light Reiki”—which is my own hybrid variation of Reiki based on the principles of Unborn Mind Zen and the original intent of Miako Usui (the progenitor of the Reiki healing modality). The techniques of Primordial Qigong talk about the interplay between “three” danitens—upper, middle, and lower (primary)—these essential energy (Qi) pathways are also known in other energy systems as chakra (wheels of light) points. The following is a breakdown of the chakras as seen in Light of the Unborn; these will be incorporated into the forthcoming techniques of Primordial Qigong.

1.Primordial Dragon Chakra: This is the seat, or “root”, of primordial energy as well as Prajna and it is located at the base of the spine; when allowed to rise it awakens bodhicitta, or enlightened consciousness… which in turn strengthens sambodhi, or the focused and sustained power of bodhicitta. This is the most essential of all chakras as it “roots out” the defiled bija (seeds) of the Alaya-vijnana. Symbolically, this is the root of Illumined Vidyaa (awareness) perched atop the Mount of Primordial Perfection where the surveillant Dragon Eye alone surmounts any hindrance to the self-realization of Noble Wisdom.

2.Bodhi Chakra: The inner nursery of the Bodhi-child, located in the Dantien. Its quality is one of primordial innocence and child like joy, devoid of prejudice and attachments of the discriminatory mind. Indeed, its dignity and tremendous sense of mission as a Light Bringer (Bodhisattva) awakens the very Realm of Noble Wisdom within one’s inmost self. By nurturing the qualities of the Bodhi Chakra through sambodhi we begin to Recollect the Way home to the Unborn Mind through a Spirit of undivided self-awareness.

3.Sugata-garbha Chakra: The supreme womb of Buddhaic Light, located above the navel. This is the chakra that sustains satisfaction and contentment. It is the center that strengthens one’s spiritual ascent to the Unborn. It is the seat of knowledge from which the subtle energy flow of Unborn Light empowers one to remain balanced and focused in the Recollective Resolve. Its quality is one of primordial, maternal joy.

4.The Self-Chakra: The fourth chakra, the chakra of the Self, depicts the mystical place wherein our True Self, our Unborn Spirit resides; located in the center of the chest. This Self is eternally pure and unaffected from defiled sensate phenomena. This is the area from which our True ACTIONS flow. After the self-realization of Noble Wisdom, our attention becomes connected to our Unborn Spirit and we gradually become aware of IT. All of our conditioning fades away in Dharmameghic Ecstasy and we become attuned to our True Primordial Perfection.

5.Dharmasota Chakra: The chakra through which one attains the Dharma-ear thus expressing the sound (Parato ghosa) of deathlessness; located in the throat. When opened by the Primordial Dragon Chakra, all former attachments and afflictions and associations are dispelled as the sweet bodhi-breath of the Suchchild reflects the compassionate voice of the Sugata. This is the seat of self-expression of the Dharmatā (the inner essence that is realized inwardly by one’s inmost Self—this understanding is pivotal in Bardo Realm Five), the place of surrendering personal will to the Unborn Will…a place of choosing between faith in the Unborn Recollective Resolve or fear.

6.The Dragon Eye of Tathata Chakra: The energy center of intuition THAT sees the difference between truth and illusion; located in the center of the forehead. It is the entrance to the gateless gate of the Ariyan Mind (the mind that is instilled with Noble Wisdom: Aryajnana), of trusting what you cannot see more than what you see in the skandhic prison which is sunya. This is the Dharma Seat of Noble Wisdom ITself. It’s also the place of focus, or the PiKuan point.

7.Dharmamegha Chakra: Located on top of the crown; the direct connection to the Unborn Spirit through the Recollective Vigilance of the bodhi-child; a place of transcending peace and focused relationship with the Unborn Will. The Dharma Cloud, the place of Right Release with the supramundane realization that the rupakaya (personal form) is a mere bubble in the sea of infinite creative light. Regular meditation with this chakra will affect full self-realization of Noble Wisdom as well as affecting illumination and ultimate healing and inspirational power from the Unborn Mind.

It’s essential to remember that the proper “flow” between these chakras originates in the Primordial Dragon Chakra; this is the chakra that provides the “juice” of all the Primordial Buddhas from countless buddha-realms since “before” created time. *There are no “negative” characteristic associated with this understanding of the chakras as they are fully empowered by sambodhi; these are “spirits of concentrated bodhi” and they are, in essence, your body of light in the realm of dharmadhatu.

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