Primordial Qigong in Light of the Unborn: Bardo 1, Part 6

The body and its consciousness is a vehicle (awareness mechanism) wherein [in Bardo Realm One] the awareness principle slowly comes to self-realization—like a pearl of great price embedded in its shell beneath the heavy-pressurized environment-matrix of the oceanic depths of samsara. In its early-stages the shell is moist and somewhat malleable but as the decades roll-on it becomes hardened and is in need of constant maintenance. Primordial Qigong is a modality that oils and lubricates the awareness mechanism, keeping the life-energy-current (Qi) circulating within the meridians and chakras—channels that direct and keep the Qi-flowing and thus preventing any form of breakdown or interference within the electro-magnetic fields that sustain the mechanism. On the spiritual-level something even more profound is occurring—the bodhi-seed (gotra), implanted through the auspicious and bodhidharmic actions of the Noble Ones (advocates of the Tathata-Family), begins its gestation in the dharma-womb as mystically-positioned in the Dantien (Bodhi-Chakra [see previous post]). As the ancient Daoists have described, this is the “spiritual-child” that has the potential to develop an immortal position within the dharma-cell of Tathagatadhatu Itself—provided that the awareness principle is fully attuned and aligned with the dharmatātic Element of Truth when the Bardo of Dharmatā arises. *This need not occur through a linear progression of the Bardo-stages as the Bodhichild can come to fruition prior to any stage; yet its “housed-positioned and ‘umbilical linkage’ to the tathagata-garbha” within the Dantien can become soiled and its progress curtailed if its defiled-twin (housed within the alaya-vijnana) supersedes its position via improper circulation within the meridian and chakra channels. Thus heaven (Shen) must be continuously aligned with Earth (Jing elements) via the proper bodhiflow of (Qi). Or, as stated in an earlier post, the psyche and awareness agency needs to become aligned [on a consistent basis] with the Unborn Will—or as the Daoist’s say, “Earth needs to be aligned with Heaven—with the Primordial Tao Itself.”

The actual movements of Primordial Qigong are very soothing and energizing, provided that they are done with Right Intent. Intention is key in directing the flow of Qi; it should not be rushed or forced. I recently had an unhappy occurrence when (practicing Primordial Qigong on a daily basis for months) one day, due to an outside and prolonged disturbance (literally outside my window during the middle-portion of the 30-minute exercise [following along with a DVD]) I became mentally perturbed during the movements—the result being that some Qi became blocked-up inside my kidney area—not a pleasant feeling to say the least. In point of fact, “Right-Intention” is a key player in undertaking any kind of spiritual/healing modality; if the proper intention is lacking, the energy can become dispersed in unhealthy ways—like in my own experience. The following is a “spiritual breakdown and chakra-flow in Light of the Unborn” of the 12 stages occurring within Primordial Qigong; the actual movements are depicted in a video link at the end. The Primordial Qigong demonstrator in the video is Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang ; his is an abbreviated presentation. An extended version is beautifully presented by his protégé, Chen Zhonghua, who’s located in Toronto. Both of their movements are very fluid, in particular Chen Zhonghua’s—true Masters of the art.

One: Lower The Qi And Cleanse Internally

Essentially, this is the igniter of the Qi-field that extends throughout all the chakras and concludes with what is referred to as “lowering the Qi to the middle Dantien, or Sugata-garbha Chakra.” *In fact, at the conclusion of “each stage” this “lowering” of the Qi is done in the same fashion—hence ending up gently hovering over the Sugata-garbha Chakra which empowers one to remain centered and focused in the Recollective Resolve; the sensation is one of transcendent contentment and centered-peace in the Unborn.

Two: Gather The Qi To The Three Dantians

The proper Mind-Intent is carrying the Qi of Shen (Spirit) and Jing (Earth elements) into the upper Dantien, or Self-Chakra [hence, activating the arousal of the primordial Unborn Spirit]; combining with the Unborn Spirit, the Qi moves down to the Dantien (Proper), or Bodhi-Chakra: mystically this Union between the Qi and Unborn Spirit impregnates the Dharma-womb, initiating the movement of the developing gotra, or Bodhi-Child. Next, the flow moves to the Lower Dantien, or The Primordial Dragon Chakra. This signifies that this lowest Chakra is the Root of illumined Vidya—or Primordial Awareness, as the re-circulation of Qi within the Bodhi-Chakra returns round-and-round before descending again (in fluid-like, circular- communication) with its Rootedness of Being-One-In-Spirit.

Three: Two Hands Rub The Ball

This stage gathers the Qi to “balance” the magnetic-field between Yin and Yang. I’ve discovered that by doing this particular stage that the “feel” of Qi becomes very strong throughout my body; indeed, those in the healing-modality professions know what this is like, because when they use “intent” to direct the healing energy—they are essentially utilizing this “balanced” energy (Qi) field.

Four: The Three-Dantiens Open And Close

Experiencing the elasticity of the internal-power of Qi; the movements are like expanding and bringing one’s hands together in squeezing a large balloon. In the first position, the intention is set on expanding the Self-Chakra—empowering it to become alive and vibrant. In like fashion, the Qi is utilized in strengthening the awareness muscles of the Bodhi-Chakra—heightening its resolve to expand its bodhipower of its self-realization as the receptacle of Truth. Lastly, intent is placed on widening the Primordial Dragon Chakra’s sambodhikayic sphere of influence on the other chakras.

Five: The Sun and Moon Turning

Wonderful, soothing massage of the Heart (Sun) and Lungs (Moon); this is an empowering movement via the hands that have become synchronized (in stage 3) in balancing the Yang and Yin energies as they circulate the healing movement of Qi.

Six: Circular Extension and Contraction

A quite remarkable sensation is experienced in this “drawing and pulling” of the Qi across the meridian system. When moving forward in drawing forth the Qi, it’s like giving a slight, but firm push; when moving backward in pulling the Qi, it’s like backing-up a large mountain. The mystical import of this exercise is that the extension and contraction is similar to the movement of a dragon.

Seven: Single Leg Ascending and Descending

This stage springs to life the realization of the Yin rising and the Yang sinking. In a real sense, it’s a reversal of these inherent (negative-positive) energies as the Primordial Yin within the Primordial Dragon Chakra is gathered (through the lowering of Yang-centered Self-Chakra) and arises (re-circulates) throughout the regions of the middle meridians and lower limbs. Once again, the movement of the Qi is not to be forced, but just guided through a gentle Intent.

Eight: Double-Leg Ascending and Descending

Essentially the same principle as in stage 7, but now both hands work together.

Nine: Belt Meridian Grinding

This stage circulates the Qi throughout the upper and middle meridian systems; one’s point of intention is focused on the Bodhi-Chakra as the Qi is now emanating from within its receptacle—where the Qi is constantly being reserved. As the Bodhi-Chakra disseminates the Qi through the circulation of the arms and hands it eventually works in unison with an inner-circle meridian point known as the Daimai. The sensation is most freeing as the Qi circumference shifts from “small-belt grinding” to “large-belt grinding.”

Ten: Heaven and Earth Open and Close

This is my favorite stage as the Qi, circulating from the top of the Dharmamegha Chakra (Heaven) encompasses the whole chakra and meridian system from head to toe, down to the Primordial Dragon Chakra (Rooted Earth energy), and vice-versa. This enfleshes the Hermetic Principle: As Above, So Below.

Eleven: Collecting The Qi To The Dantian

This stage effectively “seals” the all-encompassing Qi from the former stages and gathers it all to the Bodhi-Chakra where it becomes stored and strengthened. The sensation is like swimming through air.

Twelve: Health Massage Techniques

These series of exercises is like a final closure of the accumulated Qi in all the former stages and in a sense, “showers” it throughout the entire energy system of the awareness mechanism. The part I especially enjoy is when the Qi is drawn down and over the top Chakras: like drawing down a hood over the Dharmamegha, Dharmasota, and Dragon Eye of Tathata Chakras [pivotal observation: the Dragon Eye of Tathata Chakra is always present throughout these stages as the “mind intent” emanates from there]; when the ears, on either side of this Dragon Eye Chakra, is depicted in the exercise as being “popped”—this is symbolic of always piercing through sensate phenomena with the Dragon-Stare of Tathata, enjoyably depicted through the lively facial expressions of Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang.

Upon completion (Grand Closing) of the 12 stages, the inner-Qi is rapidly circulated from the Bodhi-Chakra to the outer bands of the awareness mechanism. The circles start slowly and gradually larger, like the formation of a hurricane, and then the cycle reverses itself as the circles grow gradually smaller as the Qi is then returned to the center-point of the Bodhi-Chakra. The Closing Stance is perhaps most pivotal of all, because one stands (with legs slightly bent—as they are throughout all of the stages) with the hands gently resting on top of the Bodhi-Chakra as one places “full-intent” as a gentle-centered gaze on this womb of the Bodhichild. One is advised to stand as long as possible in this centered-stance, Recollecting its primordial-significance.

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