Womb of Darkness, Womb of Light: Bardo 2, Part 5

One of Mind’s Revelations, by virtue of its Wordless Transmission, as expounded in the Dharmakaya Sutra is that all six realms within the samsaric order of creation are mere skandhic-apparitions. For instance, gods and demi-gods “dream” just as much as humans do and even those lowly inhabitants of the hell and hungry-ghost realms dream of eventually transcending their hellish existence; all are linked through skandhic-apparati that perceive avenues of desire that left to themselves are never relinquished. It is by virtue, then, of Mind’s own ascendency to the Noble Wisdom of Self Realization that these dependent chains of origination can be broken. The route of discernment through these first two Bardo Realms is something of a twofold nature: intrinsic and extrinsic awareness power and it is the former alone that is unequivocally undivided whereas the latter is soiled through the camera obscura-like lens of the Five Skandhas. The first two Bardo Realms are essentially traversed through extrinsic channels of awareness that are hindered by a temporal continuum: the body consciousness. Although masked in the dream-realm of Bardo 2, it is this self-same consciousness that digs-deep into the Alaya-vault that is stuffed with all kinds of imaginable and fantastic imagery that flashes across the soiled screen of vexatious intoxications that can prevent Mind’s return to Bhutatathata. Yet, the Manomayakāya has the power to break the spell—provided it issues its commands with the resolute authority that emanates from the Unborn Will Itself. If the proper alignment of the Chakras has been procured with consistent practice of Primordial Qigong in Light of the Unborn Spirit as relayed during our expose of Bardo 1, then sufficient authority will be granted since the light of these highly-spiritually-charged chakras pierces through and dissipates these unruly spectacles of the defiled garbha of the Alaya.

The developing human fetus within the womb of its mother is truly in a “bardo-realm” all its own; although the surrounding amniotic-fluid is akin to the Sambhogakayic-field experienced in Bardo 2 as the growing fetus’ own psyche is becoming inextricably linked with the Alaya-receptacle. No one is born into this saha world with a blank-slate, a tabula rasa. No one is born into this world alone. No. There is much congregating going on as the imprints of lifetimes upon lifetimes; eons and eons of karmic associations and attachments and afflictions are there to keep you company. Welcome to the Karmadhatu. This may come as a shock to some, but the Alaya-vijnana is not synonymous with the Tathagata-garbha. As was shown during our study of the Lanka, the Alaya-receptacle is its dark “twin”, a veritable storehouse of images that is not in alliance with the “womb” of the developing gotra—the seed that contains within it the potential for the Amala-consciousness. A child of Karmadhatu is fostered primarily on developing its Body Consciousness, a consciousness that is akin to its Dark Lord and master. The developing gotra—a potential Bodhisattva and Buddha to be is a child of Dharmadhatu. It is a spiritual-child, quite distinct from its carnal twin; it is fostered on bodhipower and is in direct-kinship with the Tathata Family. One is a child born into the darkness of samsaric phenomena and the other is a child of Unborn Light, delivered (actually returned) into the supraessential stature of the Dharmakaya.

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