Folding-Space: Bardo 2, Part 6

Bardo 1 (part 6) highlighted how “intention” was the determining factor in the flow of Qi throughout the meridian (energetic) system. In like fashion, the proper focus of intention is the key behind how the Manomayakāya navigates through the Sambhogakayic-field in Bardo 2. Whenever and whatever type of phantasmagorical phenomena manifests itself, the trick is to be able to maneuver “all about” its bewitching parameters with a steady flow of bodhipower that enkindles the one-pointed Bodhisattvic-Recollective-Resolve to render it back to its original imageless and empty (Śūnyatā) stature; Vimalakirti would refer to this as opening the Dharma-door of non-duality. Indeed, all these phantasms are mere mental constructs of the dreaming Unborn Mind Itself and with focused intention the Manomayakāya can send them reeling back into the Mahaśūnyā, or Primordial Void Itself. What is even more miraculous, the Manomayakāya has the potential bodhipower to actually transmute and transfer the energy-field, say of a given particularly revolting and recurring obtuse mind-kleśa, into an inanimate object like a rock—one that lies at the darkest corner of the universe; it can also transmute an ugly poison, like anger, in similar fashion. It also has the bodipower to transport itself instantaneously to any given dimension within the whole fabric of quantum-space. This type of maneuver was marvelously portrayed in the “Dune” series, wherein the technique of “Folding-Space” (much like a wormhole effect) was done by the Spice Guild Navigators; indeed, “The Spice” in that excellent saga created by Frank Herbert, was the “substance” behind much transformational stuff happening throughout all the stories…whereas for our purposes, it is Bodhipower Itself. But for any of this to happen at all, proper and focused Intention (one-pointedness of mind) is essential.

The ancient Tibetans were masters of mapping this “transformational” and “transmutational” process in order for proper navigation by the psyche. We will be exploring during Bardo 3 one of the key components of this process, the Five-Skandhas themselves being transmuted into the Five-Buddha Families, or the Five Dhyani Buddhas. Once again, the Manomayakāya plays a direct role in all this as the awareness-vehicle that views and participates in the process. Yes, the Manomayakāya is on a journey, serving as the vehicle wherein the Awareness Principle comes to fully Recollect its Primordial Stature. Bardo 3, like the other Bardos before it, serves as a Prelude to what will occur in the Bardo Realms after death occurs. Indeed, many of the assorted “colored lights” appearing at that junction are representative of the shining chakras of the Five Dhyani Buddhas themselves. Exploring Bardo 3 will be an opportunity to discover and come to the Self-Realization that these “Whirling-colored Lights” of the Buddhas are the self-same Chakras that we encountered in Bardo 1 with Promordial Qigong in Light of the Unborn.

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