High Noon: Bardo 3, Ratnasambhava

It’s been said that “High Noon”, or mid-day, highlights the Mark of Equanimity. There are no shadows. Everything is emblazoned with the same homogeneous-light. As the good book says, “His Sun shineth on both good and bad alike.” Such is the radiance of the Southern Pure-Land Realm of the Buddha Ratnasambhava. His Yellowish-Golden Hue is often equated with that aspect of High Noon. He views all sentient reality and nature under the lens of Śūnyatā—all equally devoid of Self-Substance and hence all truly equal under the Sun of Wisdom. In this sense, Ratnasambhava is known as the “Jewel-Born One”; he truly possesses the beloved Bodhi-Pearl of Noble Wisdom. His Sacred Mudra is the Varada—the palm opening gesture that is indicative of Total Acceptance and Compassion. Nothing is condemned nor rejected here; there is no balancing scale of justice since there are no dichotomous associations. Through the Blessed-eyes of Ratnasambhava everything shines with the Sameness of the Dharmakaya. Pride itself is rendered ineffectual here; indeed all acrimonious attributes are dissolved-away in the Sweet Light of the Wisdom of Sameness. The skandha of sensation is whittled-down to just one characteristic: Transcendent Satisfaction in the One and Unborn. There is nothing outside this Oneness, never has been and never will be. Indeed, any semblance of “otherness” is just a bad mirage for Mind when entrapped in pluralized obstruction mode. Ratnasambhava’s Buddha-land brings home the moto: lay your burden down at the feet of the Tathagatas. Pure Transcendent Space. As our study of the Vimalakirti Sutra stated, “The foot of a Tathagata is neither on this shore or the other shore, neither within nor without, nor anywhere in-between.” They just rest on the imageless shore of deathlessness. Ratnasambhava’s Pure-Land is also reflective of the Sugata-garbha Chakra, that place of peaceful and restful repose in the very womb of the Sugata. Ratnasambhava also bestows a blessing of richness: to treasure and savor the joys of this Noble Self-Realization. Meditating thus on Ratnasambhava—with his radiating Golden-Hue—empowers one to express this Holy Treasure of Spiritual Expansiveness within one’s very core of innate Selfhood—i.e., celebrating the Real through the Real Itself. Pure gold. What Ratnasambhvava does for the Bardo sojourner is to shift one’s mentality away from the poverty of materialism and the fear of death, and directly into the lasting wealth of Spiritual Self-Realizations and the love of deathlessness. The Light of Spirit forever dawns in the heart of one who basks in the freedom of Noble Wisdom. Yes, in Ratnasambhava’s Realm it is always High Noon.

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