The Primordial Dragon: Bardo 3, Amoghasiddhi

Heralding from the Northern Hemisphere of the Transformational Mandala of the Five Tathagatas, Buddha Amoghasiddhi looms large in his Emerald-Green Buddha-field as he grasps his mighty Double-Vajra. Akshobhya’s own Sacred Vajra easily and readily sliced-through all relative-alayic-phenomena as no-thing in the created realms could withstand its diamond-sharp efficacy. Evermore efficacious and resilient is Amoghasiddhi’s Double-Vajra as it bespeaks the mystical intersection and cosmic equilibrium of all opposing dichotomies. In Buddhist Cosmology it reflects the hallowed-slab upon which the universe itself was formed and will eventually return via entropy. Like a thunderbolt thrown from the arm of Zeus, it transmutes and transforms all before it with a Big Bang that fuses together and unites polar opposites. The inner becomes the outer and the outer becomes the inner. The green-fields of Amoghasiddhi’s Pure-Land have a most calming effect as even enemies become lovers. Amosghasiddhi’s Transformative Energies are most formidable indeed as it swiftly signals intercessory-ACTION (as Lord of Karma) that dispels the effects of all Dukkha. His striking Abhaya Mudra (the raised hand) is also a sign of Fearless-Protection; all who meet him in later transitional stages realize that they have nothing to fear from the Bardo, as his Mudra is a huge realization to just STOP-REFLECT-RECOLLECT—ALL that they apparently perceive is just a manifestation of the Dreaming Mind. Most soothing—Amoghasiddhi is the great dispeller of all distress and needless anxiety. It’s interesting to note that his role of psychic-protector has been depicted with a cloak of snakes rising above his head—reminiscent of when Shakyamuni himself was sheltered in like manner from a raging rain storm. The Lanka-Buddha is also depicted as Amoghasiddhi and Naga-like in stature:

Meditating as such with Amoghasiddhi , one is fully empowered to “stand-one’s ground”, even in the face of Mara’s most vicious and relentless assaults. Amoghasiddhi thus “stops” and transmutes the violatle Skandha of Volition into the resilient repose of RIGHT ACTION. This is truly a remarkable blessing since “all karmic activity” is annulled as Amoghasiddhi empowers one to step-off the spinning Samsaric and Karmic Wheel and into the waiting arms of deathlessness itself. As Lord of Karma, Amoghasiddhi also has the power to transmute the poisons of envy and jealousy—the energies of the great Titans themselves—into the unequivocal Wisdom of Equanimity. He is also the last great Dhyani Buddha the soujourner will encounter in the Great Bardo of Transformation as one’s former-karma is weighed to determine whether rebirth in the karmadhatu is in order, or whether one makes that final and resolute “turn-about” in the depths of consciousness to embrace the Luminosity of the Dharmadhatu. In this sense he is truly Lord and Master of the “Root” or Primordial Dragon Chakra, as Enlightened-Consciousness or Bodhicitta, now strengthend through sambodhi, fully arises and supplants all defiled seeds from the karmic and alayic receptacle; indeed, Amoghasiddhi is the Primordial Dragon par-excellence.

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