The Choicest Wine: Bardo 3, The Ariyan Mind

Before undertaking a breakdown of the Ten Stages of Mind Development it is best to posit their impact in Light of the Unborn. Above all, of course, the Lankavatarian Book of the Dead is a Lankavatarian interpretation; all references to the Bardo and Mind Development throughout this singular-series are indicative of this position. As was highlighted in our series on the Lanka, the Lankavatara Sutra was primarily written for advanced, or MahaBodhisattvas. This does not diminish its impact on general readership; yet its underlying structure and import is intended for those who have tasted the choicest wine of the Mahayana and are thereby referred to as arya-jnana—or those whose spiritual thirst has been assuaged through Noble Wisdom and Gnosis. The lesser-able, or those still developing spiritually in the lower bhumis are traditionally referred to as the prthagjana—or those enraptured with ordinariness. The Lankavatarian’s sole occupation is the development of this Ariyan Mind—or that Mind instilled with the self-realization of Noble Wisdom; it is this Ariyan Mind that is referenced in the forthcoming Ten Stages of Mind Development. It cannot be overemphasized enough that these Stages are of the choicest vintage and are developed As Such.

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