A Beatific Wonder: Bardo 3, Cittapada; Cittidhatu; Amala vijnana

Trying to find something analogous for these latter stages of Mind Development would prove to be a most audacious undertaking: It’s All indicative of the heart of Suchness …it just IS AT IT IS—with No-thing arising nor cessating. Thomas Aquinas said on his deathbed that all his former prolific theological formulations were as mere “straw” in the face of the Beatific Vision. Mystical language (as procured from Deep Samadhis) is all that can be employed that barely scratches the surface of what Primordial Consciousness IS in ITSELF.

The next three stages of Mind Development are in sequential-mode:

In these advanced phases of Deep-Samadhis one discovers that the mechanism of consciousness itself needs to shift from its adventitious defilement mode (skandhic/body consciousness) and become attuned with the supraconsciousness of the Tathagatas (Cittapada). If this shift does not occur the Ariyan Mind cannot fully transcend the realm of karmadhatu and is thus still subject to its grosser forms. In other words, one must disconnect from the source of all skandhic conditioning by allowing the Cittapada to absolve all former defiled seeds of the Alaya-receptacle thus shutting-down the dynamics of the karmadhatu. Once this action is initiated (by the grace of infinite Buddhas and Bodhisattvas), then the Ariyan Mind is aligned (Cittidhatu) with the Self THAT is devoid of all those former vicissitudes of the defiled-garbha. Mystically this is known as the developing gotra becoming fully cognizant, as Dharma-child, of the Dharmadhatu. The stage is now set for partaking in the Bodhi-store of the accumulated Buddha-gnosis of the Tathagatas, or being Confirmed in the Amala-vijnana.

The Amala-vijnana is the total Wisdom-store of the Tathagatas and thus of all Buddhas, and (as shared through Tathatic-Grace) it is the modus operandi of all Buddhas to be. It is now seeing through Imageless-Eyes the full Reality of the Dharmadhatu. In light of this Noble Self-Realization, it is the True Nature of the Self devoid of all misconceptions and defilements of the now defunct Karmic Storehouse. This Primordial Consciousness precedes the acts of all perceptions as Mind no longer perceives but fully Recollects Its own Essential Stature. It Is Itself the Immaculate Thatness. Thus, the Ariyan Mind is now intrinsically attuned to the Undivided Self of Suchness—Tathata. Deep looking upon Deep.

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