The Great Samādhis: Bardo 3, Yogadhatu & Dharmamegha

Now resting in the Amala-megha (Primal Consciousness) the will is no longer one’s own but Self-Will—yoked with the Great Unborn Tathatic Spirit-Mind, and as such, with the Element of Truth-Realm: Yogadhatu. The Ariyan Mind is now within the Direct-Sphere of Consecration (abhișekāvasthā). It’s like being cloaked in an Omniscient Sphere of Translucent Unborn Light. What is forthcoming is very grand indeed…the entrance and consecration into the ultimate stage, or Dharmamegha (dharma cloud). The Lankavatara Sutra describes this most marvelous mystical transformation:

“As they work their way through the easy and difficult aspects of the various stages, they finally reach the dharma cloud stage, where they dwell inside a magnificent lotus flower palace seated upon a jeweled lotus flower throne surrounded by a retinue of their fellow bodhisattvas adorned with necklaces of jewels that shine like the sun or the moon or golden champaka flowers. The great victors of the ten directions then appear before their thrones in this lotus flower palace and anoint their foreheads…” (Red Pine, pg131).

The above revelation is most profound since it portrays the incredible anointing that initiates and consecrates the Ariyan Spirit-Mind into the Tathata family. It now rests in the Deathless Center of Suchness. All is now AS SUCH in the Recollective Eye of Self-Same Essence. All That now unfolds is initiated by the Unborn Will and Tathatic-Spirit Mind. Suzuki’s translation of the Lanka describes this in the following fashion:

“And going up in succession through the stages of Bodhisattvahood one finally reaches the stage of the Dharma-Cloud (dharmamegha). After being at the stage of Dharma-Cloud, one reaches as far as the stage of Tathagatahood where the flowers of the Samadhis, powers, self-control, and psychic faculties are in bloom. After reaching here, in order to bring all beings to maturity, one shines like the moon in water, with varieties of rays of transformation. Perfectly fulfilling the ten inexhaustible vows, one preaches the Dharma to all beings according to their various understandings. As the Bodhisattva-Mahasattvas, Mahamati, have entered into suchness, they attain the body which is free from the will and thought-constructions.”

Indeed, this newfound “Immaculate Body” is the very resilient Diamond-Mind-Body as foretold in this present series; it is completely Sambhogakayic in essence, arrayed with fantastic supernatural powers (like dhāranīs , advanced siddhis and samadhis) as a magnificent Mahamanomayakaya; yet it’s very Superessential Stature is now at one with Dharmakayic ecstasy. It is the Supreme Realization of Vajropamasamādhi (The Great Samādhis of Diamond-like Wisdom). It also needs to be stressed, however, that final and unequivocal Anuttara Samyak Sambodhi will not be won until every last vestige of the Mortal Coil is sprung; meaning that successful passage through Bardo Realm Four (the Bardo of first tasting death) is complete with full translucent assurance.

The following video (final segment) of the Dharmakaya Sutra relays the Dharmakayic Rapture that ensues from the above anointment.

*This now effectively “seals” our Lankavatarian interpretation of the Bardo Realm (3) of Meditation and Deep Samadhis.

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4 Responses to The Great Samādhis: Bardo 3, Yogadhatu & Dharmamegha

  1. Mr.Nobody says:

    quick and small question, with regards to that full and perfect enlightenment cannot be won until death is tasted, did not the buddha reach perfect enlightenment without dying? Or was it that the skhandic body died but then was replaced? Even though that seems to be discussed here as something that happens before full and perfect enlightenment; or do you simply mean that parinirvana won’t be won until death?

    • Vajragoni says:

      In this particular series (which has to do with the stages of [Mind]-Development) Mind as Awareness-Principle needs to fully recognize Its Primordial Stature, which, through the “Bardo-Stages”, transcends and sheds the limited skandhic-mortal coil. You need to ask yourself, when the Buddha became Enlightened just what indeed did occur? Was his limited skandhic-mind or something far more essential in stature alerted to ITs Premier Primordial Position?

  2. Mr.Nobody says:

    I see what you mean, yes upon enlightenment mind fully recollected mind, completely; and in doing so realized its primordial sovereign stature.

    and since That is deathless, i am assuming the answer is that the skhandic mind-body was shed and in that sense fulfills what was said about death.

  3. Mr.Nobody says:

    I see now that the answer to my question was as follows: That which is the discriminatory consciousness, is that which perceives as mind and other, when this is seen for what it is; imagination born of erroneous speculation and as a consequence it is imagination born of imagination, false imagination; then there is a revulsion in the Alaya (All-seed, imaginary) and the One-Mind is awakened to (one-seed, no-seed, not imagination), when this occurs the false imagination of mind and other (mortal consciousness) ceases as it’s cause (discrimination of mind itself, giving rise to appearances which are identical to discrimination, as perceived by the ignorant.) discrimination, is no longer nourished through erroneous speculation (thinking) and there is a release from the Citta, Mana, Mano, there is the revulsion of the Alaya and seeing all as it truly is; Mind-only (imagelessness) prevails.

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