Coming in November: The Diamond Sutra

Next month we will begin a new series on the Diamond Sutra. Perhaps more than any other sutra of the Mahayana, this one indeed cuts through all dualistic aberrations of the clouded-mind with the full efficacy of a diamond-cutter. What is left is the naked pureness of Mind (devoid of all adventitious defilements) that reveals the full “perfection of Noble Wisdom”. All preconceived notions on the nature of reality are wiped-clean as one begins to see with the Tathatic-Eye the Bright Splendor of the Dharmadhatu, or the very Reality of the Buddhas themselves. Seeing as a Buddha sees and not dependent on any false perceptional apparatus that acts as a debilitating cataract on the deathless eyes of the Sugata. Prepare to spend some time with Subhuti as we sit at the feet of the Tathagata…oblivious of the bleak and somber tone of November.

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  1. Jure says:

    Looking forward to it! (Also, what a cool picture.)

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