The Diamond Sutra: Closing Reflection

The great Light-Bearer, Jesus the Christ, would summarize this sutra as “being in the world but not of it.” His will was always to do the Divine Will of his Unborn Father. In like fashion, the Mahabodhisattvas embrace a Transcendent Will not of their own making, but the Dharmakayic Will of the Tathagatas; they endeavor to view the nature of things through their prajna-eye, and in so doing they give birth to that blessed Undivided Awareness Power in perfect conjunction with the Luminous Spirit-Mind of the Tathagatakaya. As stated elsewhere in this series, the Diamond Sutra is a bodhi-pearl that empowers one to view True Reality (Dharmadhatu) through the very Eyes of the Tathagatas themselves; indeed, to aspire to their own full Supracognitive Stature. Having reverently approached the sutra in this fashion, then the Bodhichild will be fully empowered to continue the Bodhisattvic Mission in expounding this beloved teaching to others. As one of Gemmell’s closing footnotes states:

“The wise man, the teacher, who wishes to expound this Sutra, must absolutely renounce falsehood, pride, calumny, and envy. He is always sincere, mild, forbearing; he must feel affection for all beings who are striving for enlightenment. They are greatly perverted in their minds, those beings who do not hear, nor perceive the mystery of the Tathagata. Nevertheless will I, who have attained this supreme, perfect knowledge, powerfully bend to it the mind of every one, whatever may be the position he occupies, and bring about that he accepts, understands, and arrives at full ripeness.”

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