Tozen Aphorisms: Bad self-confidence/Spiritual Self-confidence

One whom suffers from bad self-confidence knows not the immortal self and is thus subject to the imaginary adharma of Mara, the evil one. One of such poor knowledge should not discuss the imaginary adharma with equals of same poor knowledge as if it were the true dharma, but instead dwell in deep contemplation on the imageless self; as to know this immortal self and by such knowing, acquire its treasures of which one is excellent confidence in its ultimate nature.

By the excellent insight into this true self, the one awakened to such right knowledge, no longer sustains the false self of the evil one, the one that leads its enchanted follower away from nirvana, and deeper into the dark waters of suffering.


To become a bodhisattva and ultimately a Buddha requires much preparation for ones minds spiritual growth. Through the six perfections an unshakable faith in the Buddha nature grows steadily within oneself.

As the years passes by and the practise of abiding in the light of Mahayana becoms easier, a great Spiritual Self-confidence (sanskrit anirveda) arises, and with this confidence a spiritual energy (sanskrit. manotsaha), making the mind focused in this great resurrection of the luminous Buddha Mind.

As the path becomes easier and clearer, the emerging bodhisattva can suddenly clearly see the great shore of nirvana through the vanishing mist of samsara.

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