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Greetings from the blogger here at Unborn Mind Zen

It’s that annual-junction wherein my time apart from active blogging begins. Since my last contemplative sojourn a lot of new material has been blogged: the Diamond, Heart, Platform, and the Surangama Sutras have been covered. Series on the Zen Masters Huang Po and Bankei have been offered, along with the beginning of a perpetual-series on the Wisdom from the Masters. Teachings from Tozen have been added as well. This last blogging-season began last August with a singular series entitled, “The Lankavatarian Book of the Dead”, exploring in-depth the nature of the six “Bardo Realms” that also encapsulated a breakdown of the Five Wisdom Tathāgatas, or the Five Dhyani Buddhas; this provided a foundation for the Noble Ascent through the Ten Tathatic-stages of Mind Development, designed to better help navigate the final Bardo-stages of the Dharmatā thus avoiding the latter stages of Re-becoming or Rebirth.

For myself I consider it essential for healthy growth to wisely choose some time apart for recharging one’s spiritual batteries. Am looking forward towards more extra dharma-study and good quality time spent in samadhis.

Happy Reading!

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