Coming Soon: The Tathāgatagarbhatārā Tantra


Hello all. Blogging resumes again here at Unborn Mind Zen. Last year at this time work was begun presenting “The Lankavatarian Book of the Dead”, a work that essentially was an exercise in Atiyoga as the vehicle in which the “Bardo” experience was examined through the singular lens of the Ten Advanced Stages of Mind Development. The present developing work is primarily an exercise in Mahāyoga, a little spin into Tantric-Space wherein the aspiring Mind-adept witnesses the Consecration of the Nirvanic Element within one’s inmost self—in a real sense “unifying” all the otherwise divergent characteristics that constitute beingness itself.

Engaging Vajrayana is no easy task, particularly for those with an exclusive propensity for all things Zen. I believe that it is essential to have a solid background in Sutra-study before even considering such a venture. Indeed, preparation in the Sutrayana provides that prudent foundation in the Buddhadharma before undertaking the more highly experientially-nuanced avenue of the Vajrayana. The Sutrayana has been well represented here at Unborn Mind Zen. The Tantric Course fully and holistically attunes one in becoming resolutely engaged with the Great Endeavor—empowering the adept (yogin) to merge with the Unborn and Uncreate—in whose Mind the Dharmātic Element of Truth entices one to fully awaken and embrace the salvific sanctification.

This present work is such an endeavor. The Inspiration: While the Lankavatara Sutra focuses on the self-realization of Noble Wisdom, the Tathāgatagarbhatārā Tantra is The Self-Perfection of Noble Wisdom. It offers the Continuity of Primordial Wisdom. The word “Tantra” essentially means “continuity”. In our context it underscores that the Innate Structure of Mind is not something to attain, but rather a Continuous Substratum that is always there and that reveals the Union of Emptiness and the Means to Enlightenment in Light of the Perfect Clarity of the Unborn Mind. This is the quintessential Yoga of the Unborn and Uncreate; it will also bring home the Realization that all things come to fruition through the Unborn. There is no higher-yoga than the Yoga of the Unborn Unifier-Adjuster.

From my own intuition, the Tathāgatagarbhatārā Tantra is like an unfolding majestic Lotus Flower. Its evolving structure is like gift-waves of a highly-advanced psychic energy, stimulating spiritual-development and enhancing the Nirvanic Light in ways heretofore unknown. The Root-Guru in this spiritual exercise for the Lankavatarian is the Dharmatā Buddha—one that can manifest in marvelous ways in both form and formless ways and means. Guru means “one who dispels darkness”; the True Light shines forth here in the Supreme Nirvanic-Union of Arya Tārā (Wisdom) and Vajradhara Buddha (Luminosity). Tantric-suchness is the revelation of Dharmātic Reality in the guise of the Adamantine Body (Nirmanakaya), Speech (Sambhogakaya) and Mind (Dharmakaya). For that is the purpose of Sacred Tantra: to assimilate the Element of Truth completely; to reveal it as a “continuous continuity”—to infuse it within the awareness mechanism of the yogi, thus diffusing it throughout one’s entire being, via the Divine Energy of Bodhicitta.

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