Refuge and Sacred Empowerment


It is customary to approach a Sacred Tantra by invoking Spiritual Refuge and Spiritual Empowerment, both tools that help to prepare and protect the adept’s spirit/mind from all harm; procure an inner-cleansing, as well as opening the channels of discernment for Divine Union.

I take Refuge in Blessed Arya Tārā in the Spirit of the Buddha as the stainless illumination of the Unborn Mind
I take refuge in Blessed Arya Tārā in the Spirit of the Dharma as the Sacred Teachings of the Sugatas
I take refuge in Blessed Arya Tārā in the Spirit of the Sangha as the Self-Aware Mystical Body of the Tathagata

Holy Tārā, Mother of all Buddhas
Mother of engendered Bodhicitta activity who ignites the living Buddhaic Flame in the hearts of all beings…
May the empowerment of this supplication to you bestow upon me eternal and meritorious wisdom…
Then, through the living compassionate grace of the Blessed One accomplish in me extraordinary siddhis….
May the pure vision of the Buddhas and Maha-Bodhisattvas and the Holy Mantras arise from the sacred depths of the dharmadhatu,
May this sacred Spiritual Generation fulfill the vow to Liberate all Sentient Beings in the Ten Directions from the darkness of samsara.



The Litany of the Great Compassionate One…

Lyrics and Music from the Shasta Abbey Buddhist Monastery


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