The Cardinal Dynamism of the Unborn



Vajradhara Buddha addressed Vajarpanī: 

“Noble Bodhisattva, attend well to this instruction! The Unborn Mind is the All-Creative Sovereign—the cardinal-dynamism of all created spheres and organisms. 

“This cardinal-dynamism is the non-conceptual and primordial void-focus that presently manifests as teacher, teaching, timeless-place, marvelous retinue—all these have emerged from me as the Perfect-Void-Setting. Whatever appears is by My Actuation; thus all animate and inanimate worlds are produced by My Own Actuosity.” 

“My Noble Bodhisattva, this Perfect Mind Revelation is stainless because it is Pure and Unborn.”  

“Noble Bodhisattva attend well! My Creative-Suchness overflows in three exposures: Trikayic Nature, the actuating Essence, and Limitless-Compassion. Thus all that is purveyed is a representation of My-Mirrored Suchness.” 

“As you say! How true, Blessed One!” perked Vajrapanī—peering upwards from his tiny position within Vajradhara’s Leviathan-sized and concave-like pore, mesmerized by the Colossal-Wisdom Eye of the Tathagata. 

“Pray disclose how the Glorious Trikaya unfolds your present sublime discourse…” 

“Well-asked, well-asked indeed!” proclaimed Vajradhara; “My Trikayic-Nature is the catalyst that augments the present deliberations. Attend well to the Supreme Doctrine of the Three Vehicles of the Tathagata…” 

“Yea, I bow to the Blessed Tathagata Who is the Realized Self-Essence of Perfect Buddhahood”, reverently responded Vajrapanī. 

“The Dharmakaya is Uncreated and thus is Spontaneously Present. It is Immutable and Self-Reliant,” began Vajradhara , “marvelously illuminating in its compassionate ability to bestow Its Primordial Wisdom. It is the unhindered manifested Truth Body.” 

“Within this present Sambhogakāya-Body the curtain rises on the divine intercourse of communally-shared visionary-enjoyment, fully presented in subtle-style and riding on Cosmic Wings to the far reaches of inconceivable Buddha-fields yet untold…” 

“The door of your own house is opened through miraculous siddhis ushering-in my transcendent presence through immanent corporeal-coils, thus creating a temporal-Nirmanakaya enshrined and crystallized in the inner-mandala of the Yogin’s heart. The Dharma is thus consecrated in animated carnality in order to awaken and liberate the entrapped Spirit-Mind.”     

“Listen-well, great Bodhisattva, and observe how all that appears in sundry creative-spheres is nothing more than your own Mind in various stages of Actuostic Enjoyment.” 

“Blessed One,” replied Vajrapanī, “You have just revealed the four-fold Samadhic Yoga O’ the Source! The Divine Wisdom-Light As It Is in Itself; the progressive increase of the Light in the Visionary Realm; the embodied Light’s skillful means, producing comprehensibility of the Light’s Essential Nature.” 

“How and why did those Self-Same means procure the Secret of the Holy Matrix, the Buddhaic-Womb that houses the very Immortal Light?” 

“Harken, Mighty Bodhisattva!” “As once Reality mingled with pollution, just so is Its Immortal Essence kept undefiled in the Holy Matrix of the Tathagatas. The gotra, although at times defiled, is also Immaculately Pure in the Wisdom-Womb of all Buddhas.” 

“Thus so does the Sugata exclaim, ‘What a terrible pity! Sentient beings cannot rightly recognize, due to adventitious defilements, that the Living Wisdom of the Tathagata is always well at hand and dwells within them. By the marvelous and salvific wonder of this sheathed and Holy Matrix, may they cast-off the horrible knot of Mara’s Skandhas and thus come to recognize and share in the Blessed Wisdom within the most Radiant Void, that conceals the Essential-Pure Mind of the Unborn Itself.’ ”   

“The Five pits of Darkness defile and Five Lights of Holy Wisdom transmutes and caps Darkness’s awful cavity. My own Five Victorious Wisdom Emanations are the Source that Generate the Garbhadhatu…”



All-Creative Sovereign (the Cardinal Dynamism): one of the many metaphors for the Unborn; referencing IT as the very Vivifying Source and imageless ground of All there is.

Trikayic Nature: the three vehicles (bodies) of the Tathagata: Dharmakaya, Sambhogakāya, and Nirmanakaya.

My-Mirrored Suchness: the Creative Principle of the Unborn Mind is the active-side of ITs Imageless-Prowess, which in ITs Pure State of Calm Quiescence never distinguishes any passing phenomena—all is just a reflection of Its generating Actuosity and is never apart from Its Core-Pure Mind, sans attachment and aversion. The Pure-Awareness of things as they are.

inner-mandala of the Yogi’s heart: the Yogins/Yoginis Inner Energy-Field is the root mandala from which other Deity-mandala’s emanate from. Once the active-mantric seed-syllable (bīja), Ṁ, becomes initiated in the Self (Heart) Chakra, it acts as an inner-shrine wherein the Nirmanakaya expresses itself; otherwise the Nirmanakaya would be a lifeless shell.

four-fold Samadhic Yoga O’ the Source: all Yoga essentially emanates from Mind, thus this principle highlights ITs four-fold dissemination of ITs salvific-ACTION.

the Secret of the Holy Matrix, the Buddhaic-Womb: the Secret of the Holy Matrix (Arya Tārā) will be revealed in an upcoming segment—it has to do with the Generation Principle emanating from within the Five Wisdom Buddhas.

The Gotra: the primordial dormant seed of the Tathagatas that, in initial stages, is like a tiny spiritual embryo.

Generate the Garbhadhatu: once again having to do with the Secret of the Holy Matrix—the very Buddhaic-Womb springing from the Generating Activity of the Five Wisdom Buddhas, thus producing the Realm of the Blessed Garbha (Womb).

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