First Scrutiny



Part Two: Completion


Emerging from the Dharma-Cloud of the Tathagatas, Mahasiddha Acintapa realized he was back in his manomakaya-body once again as he moved forward down a long and seemingly endless bridge made of crystalline light. Soon though he encountered a hooded-figure with an imageless-face who addressed him in the following manner:


“Light-wanderer your sacred journey towards the Clear Light of the Unborn Mind has just begun. You have successfully traversed the arduous and labyrinthine path of the Ten Bhūmis and have won Bodhisattvahood. Now the odyssey continues towards the Tathagata’s Adamantine-realization of Vajrasattvahood.”

The mysterious Hooded-One miraculously-produced a sphere with a point of light at its center…


Mahasiddha Acintapa entered into a state of deep-samadhi as his manomakaya-body was reduced in size and transported into the sphere. Arising from his samadhic state Acintapa the Mahasiddha discerned that he stood in an antechamber to a much larger assembly-area. From either-side he was encircled by numerous Maha-Bodhisattvas as well as heavenly devas. At a point emerging at the direct head of the encirclement there appeared Vairocana Buddha holding his revered Dharmachakra. The present assembly then formed in unison the Dharmachakra-mudra:


Mahasiddha Acintapa fell to his knees as Vairocana Buddha initiated the following Sacred Scrutiny:


“In the name of the Holy Tathagatas in all ten directions, we joyfully bow down with the self-same body, speech, and mind. We invoke thy blessings upon this Bodhisattva-elect. May he be thoroughly cleansed and sanctified from any lingering obscurations and impurities from the Evil One. May the merits he has accrued from countless kalpas empower him to quickly reach the Vajrasattva stage, thus strengthening him to deliver all sentient beings from samsara, sanctifying them to live freely as children of the Unborn.”    



With that the great multitudes of Maha-Bodhisattvas as well as heavenly devas chanted their Intercessory Dharani:

To the Great Destroyer with the Adamantine Essence we pay homage.
To the Jewel Radiating Unborn Light we pay homage.
To the Ruling King of the Nāga Serpent Spirits we pay homage.
To the Jeweled Fire we pay homage.
To the Jeweled Moonlight we pay homage.
To the One with Vision and Singular Purpose we pay homage.
To the Noble Shining Ones we pay homage.
To the Great Bestower of Courage we pay homage.
To the Pure Adamantine One we pay homage.
To the Glorious One without Sorrow we pay homage.
To the Children of the Passionless One we pay homage.
To the Glorious Golden Lotus Flower we pay homage.
To the One Thus-Gone who Understands Clearly, Enjoying
the Radiant Light of Perfect Purity we pay homage.
To the Glorious Bodhi-Pearl we pay homage.
To the Glorious One who Vanquishes Utterly Within we pay homage.
To the One who is Utterly Victorious in Dharma Battles Within we pay homage.
To the One who Subdues with a Jewel and a Lotus we pay homage.
To the One Thus-Gone, the Mara Destroyer, the Completely
Perfected Fully Awakened Being, the All-Powerful Lord
who is Firmly Seated upon a Jewel and Lotus holding Vajra and Bell we pay homage.


Vairocana Buddha then faced Mahasiddha Acintapa and, with hands holding the Dharmachakra above the elect’s head, invoked the following prayer of Exorcism:


“Blessed One,
We invoke your protection over this Elect
May he, like the spirit of Noble Gautama before him,
thirst only for the authority of the Buddhadharma,
and come to acknowledge his dependence upon the Tathagatas.

Protect him from vain reliance apart from your grace
and always keep him from the power of Mara, the Evil One.

May he be freed from any spirit of deceit,
lest any past karma return to torment him
let salvific grace penetrate the secret place
that his heart may rest in the way of the
Noble Shining Ones forevermore.”


Completion: the Generation Stage is now complete as the newly Elect Bodhisattva begins the transformation into the Vajrasattva—the Adamantine Diamond Mind/Being.

First Scrutiny: the Scrutinies are a series of Invocations and Intercessory Dharanis empowering the Bodhisattva-Elect to spiritually advance on the Vajrasattvic Path.

the secret place: in which abides the unborn ātman (Self-Chakra)

Exorcism: these Buddhaic-Exorcisms are not the kind that frees one from demonic possession, but rather as a way of strengthening spirit to faithfully advance without backsliding into former avidya (ignorant) ways influenced by the evil one.

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