Second Scrutiny



After the exorcism Vairocana faded from view as Mahasiddha Acintapa experienced a fine spiritual vibration in his throat; Amitābha Buddha emerged from his Dharmasota (throat) Chakra and appeared on an expanding eight-petalled lotus; he addressed the assembly thus: 

“We now ask that all obstructions be removed from the Elect; may every doubt be dissolved from his mind that he may speak freely the sacred speech of the Buddhakaya thus liberating from sorrow all those who have recourse to the Buddhadharma.” Amitābha Buddha then reached out and blessed Acintapa Mahasiddha’s throat:



“Let us implore the Blessed One to look kindly on his chosen one, that he may always give witness to the Tathata Family in word and deed…” 

Out of respect for Amitābha Buddha the assembly formed his sacred mudra and then chanted their Intercessory Dharani:


Unequaled Buddha of Compassion, bless his spirit
Bestower of Unequalled Mystical Powers, bless his spirit
Originator of the Silent Sound, bless his spirit
Immaculate One with Undisturbed Eyes, bless his spirit
Boundless Omniscient One, bless his spirit
Ungraspable Unborn Nature, bless his spirit
Unhindered Spirit, bless his spirit
Wonderfully Adorned with Radiant Pores, bless his spirit
Translucent Darkness, bless his spirit
Liberator of the Great Deathless Sound, bless his spirit
Diamond Eye Rejoicing in Blazing Clouds of Jewels, bless his spirit
Diamond-covered Cloud, bless his spirit
Supreme Medicine Curing all Ills, bless his spirit
Encouraging Voice of Bodhicitta, bless his spirit
Silent Music from Above, bless his spirit
Hidden Elixir that Heals all Woes, bless his spirit
Precious Spirit in the Lotus, bless his spirit
Universal Light Transfiguring All, bless his spirit

Like Vairocana Buddha before him, Amitābha Buddha began to perform a prayer of exorcism; he placed the Mahasiddhas hands upon his own which were in the Dhyana Mudra pose:


“Blessed One, may your Spirit of Truth free this Elect from the father of lies. 

May your Spirit quieten his hearing from the great deceiver, so that his tongue will never defile the Buddhadharma 

Through your spirit, may he Rejoice always and enlighten all sentient beings with the light of distinguishing Wisdom, empowering them to discern the True from the False in this Dharma-Ending Age.” 


Amitābha Buddha emerged from his Dharmasota (throat) Chakra: as was written earlier, Amitābha Buddha resides in the Dharmasota, or Throat Chakra. This location is the very center of vajra speech, as the Dharmamegha or Crown-Center, was the location of vajra-body (the Dharmakaya aspect as represented by Vairocana). Hence Amitābha Buddha has appeared to bless this vajra-speech (Sambhogakaya) center.

Amitābha Buddha then reached out and blessed Acintapa Mahasiddha’s throat: once again as progenitor of the vajra-speech center it is Amitābha Buddha’s role to bless this aspect.

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  1. Methexis says:

    Zhanran of Tiantai :

    “The organisms of the lowest purgatory and their entire environment are located completely within the ultimate sage’s own mind, and the body and land of Vairocana Buddha do not exceed a single moment of the experience of the lowliest unenlightened being.”

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