Liturgy of Light



(C) Liturgy of Light

After the time of silent reflection, an acolyte approaches the altar carrying a Ceremonial Crown which is then placed on the head of the priest after the acolyte removes the former Dhyanī Buddha Crown:

Vajrasattva Crown

The priest, crossing his arms and holding the Sacred Vajra in his right hand and the Sacred Bell in his left, then begins to recite the following:




Priest: Father, since time immemorial your Divine Light continues to shine over the Dark Abyss of Ignorance. Anyone who is within your salvific Light has been thoroughly washed free from the blackened soil of Samsara and shall embrace the final liberation.  All things shine forth in the Essence of your Interior Stillness—Light from Light, True-Self from True-Self, One in Substance with your Eternal nature; unmixed with any darkness and karma of the evil one.

When this Holy and Unequivocal Union truly comes to pass and all is ordained according to your Unborn Will, one’s inner-being henceforth stands immovable in this union; the former outer-self no longer has any other purpose but to obey your Divine Precepts. When this recollection is absent, there is no true union. 

For the True Light is the seed of the Unborn, and it brings forth the fruits of the Unborn in perfect union with your undivided Word that reveals only the Highest Good and Endless Joy;but the false light is the seed of Mara, and wherever it is sown, only brings forth the weeds of destruction.

Thus does the Logos take shape and dwell in the hearts of men. It is the Source and Ground of everything that is. It is the Gnosis of Light that is beyond all understanding. Therefore, this unity of Logos and Wisdom is the very nature of your Primordial-Self.

And so, with countless hosts of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas from infinite Dharma-realms we proclaim your glory and join them in an endless chant of praise:

ALL: OṀ namo bhagavate Sugata, tathagataya arhate
Samyaksam Buddhyaya

Priest: Father, now is the moment we abide in your Primordial Essence. Your Luminous Body is the pure Clear Light wherein resides Peace and Equanimity of Spirit. If we bring forth this Light within us, what we bring forth shall save us. If we do not bring forth this Light within us, what we do not bring forth will cause us to wither away and die. Your Gnosis of Light Enlightens the whole world. If your Light does not shine within us, we condemn ourselves to eternal darkness. The Clear Light of your Buddha-gnosis is the Way, the Truth and the Life; if this Light is not enkindled in our spirit, we will have no life within us but only the darkness of Mara’s Death.

Father, Enlighten our spirit! Enkindle your Living Flame of Love that dwells within our heart. Be a Light for our feet. May it never allow us to stumble. Whatever arises, empower us to let it be—without judgment or haste; without past or future; without attachment or aversion; without affirmation or denial; without nearness or remoteness. Let whatever arises be the pure and Clear Light of Mind, that opens the way into the very ground of your abiding Presence. Thus whatever arises will be Liberated in the Light of your Truth. May everything that arises simply be exactly As It Is—perfect openness and boundlessness. Thus all will be accomplished according to your Unborn Will. May it be so…

Blessing and Lighting of the Trikaya Candle


The acolytes bring to the altar the Sacred Trikaya Candle. The priest silently blesses the candle and then lights the candle’s three wicks while reciting the following:

May the Light of the Buddha Awaken us…
May the Light of the Dharma Enlighten us…
May the Light of the Sangha Sustain us…

The priest then beckons and invites the assembly to come forward with the following:

Receive the Light of the Unborn… 

The assembly then processes forth to the altar with the lit Trikaya Candle, bow their heads and receive the silent laying on of hands by the priest. They then return to their seats. During this Sacred Action, appropriate mediation music like the following is played:

After the mediation, a time of Solemn Silence is observed.


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