The Assumption of the Yogikaya


As an earlier post revealed, once Amoghasiddhi’s Key has been turned in the meditative act of spiritual ejaculation, the bodhi-bindu rises to the Dharmachakra and is experienced as Vairocana’s enrapturement. The yogin is now enjoined with Vairocana as the wind and mind are sown as one; thus the speech of the Tathagatas is conferred. The Tathagata speaks powerfully within the Yogic-Host; the Mind of the Tathagatas is now activated and regulates the daily rhythm of the yogin’s breath. When the breath reaches an impasse, the Tathagata still remains absorbed. There is now only the Yogikaya, the Assumption of the Yogi/Yogini’s spiritual-body into the Transcendent Body of the Tathagata.

Thus the Yogin now severs all associations with the former karmic-host body and its sundry predilections for all sensate-based phenomena. Herein lies the self-realization that now breathes into the very fiber of one’s being: true Yoga consists in a disunion with all that is alien to the Unborn Spirit.  The Yogikaya is held in divine-isolation as it were from all that brings dis-ease and returns it to pure essential Tathagatahood and Nirvanic-Union in the Unborn. All ravages of time and its accompanying-maddening distractions, whatever their form, are cessated. Now the only “reserved-breath” there is, is initiated solely by daily mantra with one’s own Root-Buddha (Yidam).

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