The last great gap of Hakuin´s log bridge

Hakuin´s log bridge

There is only Unborn Mind. In Zen, as originally taught by the shining ones, this Mind is everything in terms of absolute reality, and no-thing in terms of illusion. It is people who believe the opposite that suffers.

The wise students of the way, that understand and fully accept this auspicious fact professed by all Buddhas since beginningless time, uses it to transcend the confines of their corporeal body-consciousness and the illusory world linked to it.

The leverage used here for said escape, is the immaculate spiritual light of the Unborn Mind. Completely immersed in its inexhaustible spiritual power, the once blind student, now in full knowledge of the right and remaining path to liberation, successfully traverses the last great gap of Hakuin´s log bridge, landing safely on the shore of Nirvana.


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