Particles of the Oscillating Mind


Particles of the Oscillating Mind

i.5-11 There are five encumbrances that induce mind oscillations: commonly accepted ideations; adverse conceptionalities; cognitive fantasies; sleep; memory 

1.5    The five encumbrances may or may not cause distress 

1.6    Ordinary consciousness is littered with the five aforementioned oscillations: Pramana (conventional abstractions), Viparyayah (propagandized sources that create adverse functionality), Vikalpa (self-inflicted mind fabrications), Nidra (a state of somnambulism), Smrti (mind-glitches stemming from past experiences). 

 Pramana (conventional abstractions)—any outside intellectual, emotional, or physical vehicles that induce pre-conceived and conventionalized impressions upon the mind, e.g., scriptural persuasions; consensus-induced decision making; any social-oriented commodities like political or religious persuasions, ect.

Viparyayah (propagandized sources that create adverse functionality)—misinformed and oftentimes perversely ignorant penetrations and affectations upon consciousness that produce metastasized belief structures, which in turn adversely affect functionality.

Vikalpa (self-inflicted mind fabrications)—any sensory induced (dream-like, drugs, fanciful impressions) artificialities that enable the monkey-mind and create an obtuse-spirit.

Nidra (a state of somnambulism[deep sleep])—a generally numbing mind-set.

Smrti (mind-glitches stemming from past experiences)—past residue experiential persuasions .

1.7   Sources of direct, inferential, or authoritarian dependence:

Whether verified through direct perception, or inferred from past sensorial impressions, or even accepted based on normative authorities, understanding per-se is dependent upon something originating in the external-forum, apart from Source and therefore antithetical to the Yogic Enterprise.

1.8   Misunderstanding spreads from inadequate dependence on form to the neglect of Direct-Gnosis that supersedes form. 

No true Yogin equates any phenomenal equation as an expression of the Unborn.

1.9   Any image concocted by the carnal mind is a phantasm in disguise; they are devoid of Substance and a direct imposition on the imageless Mind. 

Any image (thought, dream, sensation, perception, inference) is ultimately an obstacle to Nirvanic Union with the Unborn.

1.10   Deep Sleep is equated with nothingness and therefore counterproductive to the Art of Yogic-Attentiveness of Spirit. 

Patañjali considers the state of Deep Sleep to be a mental aberration to the path of Self-Completion by the Yogin. The Yogin needs to prevent it from interfering with Samādhi.

1.11   Memory is a process of maintaining past impressions. 

Even the act of immediate attention can sometimes fall under the sway of past impressions; these impressions can be sensorial or extra-sensorial. One needs to keep them in proper perspective and not be swayed by their persuasiveness.

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