Passionless is the Colour of my True Love’s Heart


“Hence, the mind-trap is sprung—hinging on the first sensation of any given conceptual moment of birth due to thought awareness, sense awareness, or any other form of body awareness bearing specific embodied qualities.”—Tozen, The Dharmakaya Sutra

The Dissolution of the Mind Traps

i.12-16 Liberative Techniques in dissolving mind’s vexations

1.12 Yoga is the vehicle that dispassionately procures non-attachment.

The Yogic Enterprise, if properly employed, will empower the yogin to exercise a passionless one-centered attentiveness in the Unborn that is devoid of any form of vexatious intoxications.

1.13 Consistent yogic-practice assures a temperate spirit.

Yoga develops the freedom to abstain from all disquieting vicissitudes of the distemperate mind.

1.14 Devoted and attentive persistence of engaging in yogic liberative techniques will secure a well-earned cultivation of the whole enterprise.

When this is embraced wholeheartedly and without intermission of Recollective Resolve, then the yogin will truly know inwardly the reward of a mind imbued with deathless suchness.

1.15 The passionless prize of a Mind rightly yoked in the Unborn is the freedom to benefit from the Amala-consciousness of the Tathagatas.

When this consciousness is won then neither past nor future nor any present disturbance will ever usurp the hard won freedom that is centered in the Unborn and No-where else.

1.16 Discernment of the One Unbounded-Self assures that one is now the True Master over all sensate desires and attachments.

The yogin now knows the utter futility of ever obliging the sensate apparatus ever again, since undisturbed calmness of spirit becomes an ever constant and faithful companion.

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