Divorced from the Cross of Matter


Vomitus Maximus

Triumph of the Spirit

i.24-28 The Lord of Yoga transcends the trap of temporal manifestations

1.24 The Lord of Yoga is the Self-Supreme, unaffected by any temporal hindrances and any deposits of karmic residues.

Like a bird flying free from its cage, so is the Spirit when freed from the bondage of a suffering-material world. All former karmic ties and its associations are now severed. They can no longer take root. For the soil from which Spirit springs is imageless and immune to the ravages of time and its offspring, the differentiated body-consciousness.

1.25 The imageless seed of the Lord of Yoga is the sum total of omniscience.

The Self is omniscient. It is wholly aligned with the Divine Will of the Unborn and As Such is the sole and distinctive liberator from all dukkha.

1.26 Being the very essence of timelessness, the Lord of Yoga is the primeval teacher of the most ancient of sages.

Think of it, the Unborn Spirit houses all the gnosis (past, present, and future) from which the best and brightest of all teachers throughout the millennia partake.

1.27 The Sacred Syllable O is the Lord’s singular utterance.

Patañjali expresses OṀ as praava: “pra” (before) and nava (meaning from the root of sound). This is the primal utterance from which all gnosis springs. When intoned, one is transported into transcendent deathlessness Itself.

1.28 When repeated, the Sacred O reveals the very Essence of the Unborn Spirit.

 Indeed, when regularly and repeatedly intoned, the Unborn Spirit Itself breathes through you. Your former samsaric-life, your former breath, is no longer your feeble own but the very Breath of the Sugata.

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