Obstacles that prevent Mind’s Quiescence


i.29-34 Obstacles that prevent Mind’s Quiescence

1.29 When the Sacred O is invoked, one-pointedness of Mind is assured as obstacles are rendered dormant.

When faithfully invoked, the Sacred OṀ induces quiescence of Mind as all outside interference is rendered mute in the face of the One and Absolute.

1.30 The failure to enter into deep-samadhis is caused by a myriad of factors, among them are: illness, fatigue, foolhardiness, excessive attachment, delusions of grandeur, resistance to the Recollective Resolve, and a restless spirit.

When considering the above it becomes apparent that all of them are the antithesis of the Noble Ten-Fold Path to Mind Realization. For instance, Right Understanding becomes a False one; Right Mindfulness is reduced to becoming hopelessly lost to the myriad of phenomena floating around in the clouded mind. Right Living is violated by making every wrong-choice imaginable that leads to degradation of mind and spirit…ect.

1.31 Signs that one has fallen into total disregard for spirit are: restlessness, coarse breathing, and incessant agitation resulting in recurrent suffering.

Dis-ease is produced by recklessly following the aforementioned dysfunctions of mind. The tell-tale signs are very obvious—a spirit and mind that are very much in turmoil leading to destruction of health—psychophysical as well as spiritual well-being.

1.32 The antidote is to make the Right Effort in affecting a one-centered attentiveness of mind and spirit on the Singular Efficacy of the Unborn Mind.

The way-home to Right Living is to make daily meditation on the Salvific-Will of the Unborn. This entails making the daily effort to focus exclusively on the Singular-Truth of the Unborn Mind, wherein lesser mind-options are quarantined and eventually disabled. Once again, faithful invocation and abidance in the Sacred OṀ will assure success.

1.33 The quiescent Mind is won through a profound indifference to samsaric-suffering and pain and inducing a steadfastness in the Recollective Resolve, with one-pointed resilience and intention to thoroughly transcend the mind-junk of the material mind and spirit.

Spirit also can be affected and corrupted through materiality. One must promise to remain prior-to any phenomenal manifestation, thereby keeping all in the proper perspective of the Ariyan (Noble) Mind and Spirit that is impervious and invincible in the face of all mind-traps that lead to dissatisfaction and degradation.    

1.34 Proper regulation of prana (the life-force energy) assures a temperate spirit and expulsion of all disquietude.

Once again making a concerted effort to regulate all improper-prana (inner irregularities of breath leading to disruption of proper bodhi-flow) by remembering to remain “prior-to” any mind-trigger that sends Spirit spiraling downwards into the matrix of materialized phenomenon.

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