Mind Mastery


i.40-47 The Refinements leading to Perfection

1.40 Mastery of Mind extends from the smallest particle to the infinite vastness of the Cosmos.

What comes to mind here is what the Zennist writes about when he describes the ability to pierce-through the phenomenal haze—like boring a tiny hole in the fabric of space—to witness the Luminous Light of Pure Mind. It takes a true Master to discover the infinite through the simplest of means. The following video depicts his own breakthrough in discerning the True Light of Zen:

1.41 Like polished crystal absorbing what’er draws nigh, so is the transparent mind that perceives all through Translucent Light.

The Yogin who reaches perfection embraces the ALL through whatever is perceived. Simply resting still like a precious holographic-gem, knowing the Self that contains the ALL. (Samāpatti—Mind absorbing the ALL)

1.42 Conceptual knowledge that solely honors the thoughts and words from which they spring, dishonors, through conjecture, the Contemplative Spirit.

The Contemplative Spirit judicially weighs whatever comes before it with discernment, thus providing the necessary nuanced-balance that prevents the undisciplined mind from running amok with anything that merely passes its lips.

1.43 When mind is purified from all its lesser obstructions, then the greater Contemplative Spirit is freed to quiescently absorb the object of its attention.

This reflects the pure and unadulterated Noble Spirit that, when cleansed from any skandhic defilement, allows Mind to simply shine through.

1.44 When the balanced state of mental quiescence occurs, then even the subtle realms are perceived indifferently.

Patañjali is saying that the Quiescent Mind does not become attached to any subtleties of concepts and beliefs that are merely registered within the field of cognition. Thus the Infinite Light of Pure Mind dispels all subtle fixations that bear the imprint of objective phenomena.

1.45 The natural progression from gross objects and subtle variations in thought and sensual mind fluctuations culminates in the Recollection of the Primal Substance.

When the yogin awakens to the Light of Pure Mind, he/she will discover that it leaves no distinguishing mark.

1.46 These last few sutras depict the seeds of Contemplation.

Although the seeds of Mind Mastery have taken root, they still need to reach maturation in the 4th level of jhana.

1.47 In the Fourth Level of Jhana Complete and Unobstructed Mind Equanimity occurs.

Technically these last 3 sutras in this section have been walking through the three stages of  jhana wherein a spiritual progression occurs from the first awakening of bliss to the beginning of equanimity of Spirit and Mind.

Tozen provides a very excellent and thorough break-down of the 4 stages. What occurs in the 4th stage is that Mind now fully recollects the Spiritual Light of the True Self—a most euphoric rapture—Total Equanimity of Self-Mind in the Unborn, although truly ineffable.

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