ii.12-14 Karma is rooted in the Five Obstructions and will measure out what is recklessly initiated.

2.12 The womb of karma (karmasaya) is impregnated by the Five Obstructions and any forthcoming karmas will mature whether in this present lifetime, in parallel realities, and in future births to come.

Every action or inaction leading to further karma leaves its trace in karmic-residues. The effects can be seen immediately, or in unseen ways only to mature in the distant future in this present life or in future existences. While there are occasions for meritorious karma, as perfected and deposited by faithful adherence to the Buddhadharma resulting in commendable actions, the greater risk involves blindly following the baser-instincts [obstructions] that induce untold samsaric labours to come. The karmic seeds can also come to maturation in parallel realities as the laws governed by these hindrances affect neighboring inter-dimensional mind-fields whose magnetic wave-shifting intersects our own.

2.13 As long as the karmic-root exists, it will ripen into viable nascency and generate more samsaric-births and recurring-actions to come.

The karmadhatu is experienced kalpa after kalpa, a form of eternal-recurrence wherein its inhabitants fall far short of ever catching even a glimpse of the dharmadhatu. In this realm the lower-manas rule the roost and blindly pursue its own incorrigible path. The awful weight of dense physicality becomes a self-enclosed tomb and can only be disemboweled when the yogin lays waste to the roots of the karmic-tree. Barbara Miller offers the following in this regard:

When the fruits of action (karma) and the seeds of thought are eliminated by means of meditation, thought no longer sustains the world, and what has evolved collapses into itself, like a black hole. The turnings (vṛtti) of the subtle forces of corruption can be eliminated, not by physical means, but through meditative insight, which cleans out the stock of invisible seeds that would otherwise germinate into new thoughts and actions. [Miller, Barbara (2009-10-05). Yoga: Discipline of Freedom: The Yoga Sutra Attributed to Patanjali (p. 20). Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.]

2.14 Dark karma can be erased when Bright karma dawns.

In the Lankavatarian discipline, the karmic seeds of the Alaya-vijnana can be eradicated once the bodhi-seeds of the Tathagatagarbha take root in the mind of the yogin/yogini; better known as when he/she conceives the Bodhichild within.

The following video from the Dragon Mind of Zen series offers further insight:

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