Avoid that Pain!


The Way out of Suffering

ii.16 Liberation from Dukkha

2.16 Future Karmic Pain can be prevented.

This focuses on the Buddha’s third Noble Truth: the way out of dukkha is possible. This is the diagnosis and it’s a good one. It even holds true for past karma. While the outcome could never be altered, the pain can be alleviated, provided that the yogin/yogini has sufficient bodhi-strength empowering them to overcome the associated karmic factors involved.

Everyone is allotted assorted karmic seeds, although some are still latent in nature. There is an opportunity to prevent future karmic potentials from coming into maturation. This is somewhat akin to those certain viruses that lie dormant in the body, awaiting the right chemical nexus to be activated. If proper preventable-procedures are adhered to, then the karmic viruses will remain inactive as well. Effective meditation and contemplative practices provide good firewalls against karmic activation. This needs to be a daily discipline. If one becomes lackadaisical in this effort, then in all probability a given karmic seed will be triggered and its effects only too well experienced.

By way of reference to this spiritual discipline, the blogs offered under the recent Mystagogia Category depict my own entrance into the deeper Buddhaic-Mysteries that have thoroughly enhanced my progress in Spiritual Devotion/Union with the Dhyani Buddhas. The same can be said of this past summer’s The Tathagatagarbhatara Tantra that also depicts my spiritual-maturation in the same light. Also a recent post from this very series, reinforces the dynamics involved. I mention this as some of the many references found within these blog posts that summarize reinforced spiritual development in the Unborn. I am certain that many potential and unhealthy karmic disorders have been allayed due to faithful adherence to the discipline. You have the power within to block and prevent any future karmic eruptions from taking hold. Even though the seeds are there, you don’t have to enable them in any way for determining the course of your life.  

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