The Great Escape


ii.25 The Isolation of the Watcher dissolves the nexus with Phenomena

The Watcher is a creation of maya (illusion). When incarcerated in the skandhic-materially-laden realms of defiled aggregated existence, there emerges the mistaken identity of the Watcher for the Self. This erroneous identification (avidya) can be dissolved when this Watcher is bracketed (isolated) from the equation of Self-Recollection. What remains is the Self grounded in Its own True Identity=Tathata.  In order for this liberation to occur the yogin needs to develop the recently aforementioned spiritual discipline. Through those meditation/contemplative tools the anti-self of the Watcher can be isolated and scrutinized by the Wisdom-Eye of Tathata that can see straight-through this false energy signature and call it out for the bogus observer that it claims to be . This all-seeing Eye of Perfect Suchness has the faculty of undivided awareness-power that is yoked with the perfect-wisdom of the Tathagatakaya (the Luminous Spirit-Body-Mind of the Tathagata). There are no discriminatory marks in the Unborn. Thus any Mind-imposter that engages in the act of discriminating the passing superficiality of any given phenomenal-field can be singled-out for the con-artist it actually is.

This can also be worked out in practical fashion as well.  Simply ask, “Who is this who’s watching and placing a value judgment on what’s happening right now?”  “Who claims to be unhappy or is presently feeling the depths of despair?” This method can even be utilized when experiencing physical discomfort and pain: “Who is shouting-out in agony???” “Who actually feels the burning-itch that is driving me crazy—indeed, what is this “Me” who’s apparently going crazy???” Eventually, the imposter, the phantom con-artist who is drawing spirit deeper and deeper into the quicksand of phenomenal-hell will one day finally be isolated [bracketed out of the picture] and its power usurped once and for all. And once this actor is finally out in the open any link with phenomena itself is severed, because it is the imposter who reacts and plays the phenomenal game of hide and seek with the Unborn.

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