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iii. 4-10 The Sanyama of the Moment

3.4 The Three-in-One is called Sanyama

Sanyama is the synthesis between Dhāranā, Dhyāna and Samadhi. When the Illuminative Energy is released the Siddhis are born. In this fashion true gnosis on the object of attention is established. Undivided-Awareness (Bodhipower) kicks-in like a cosmic energy-beam, fashioning all aspects of mentality as one so wills.

3.5 In Mastering Sanyama Direct-Intuitive Gnosis bursts-forth in brilliant Luminosity.

The gnosis born from Sanyama is like rays bursting from a shining crystal, radiating and illuminating any subject-object. Bodhipower can be drawn-forth at will and at one’s disposal under all circumstances. The yogin’s spirit is now synchronized with the proper Lucidity of the Amala-consciousness—thus solving all unknowable’s with the certainty of the Tathatic-Mind.

3.6 The Sanyamic-Union is accomplished in gradual stages.

Jaganath Carrera breaks-down this sutra in the following fashion:

Let’s look at the Sanskrit: Tasya, “its” (samyama) Bhumisu, “stages,” rooted in bhumi, “ground, earth, field, site, territory.” Viniyogah, “practice, application, progression.” It can mean “to direct.” This sutra can be translated: “It (intuitive knowledge gained from samyama) can be applied to any field (of examination).”[Carrera, Jaganath (2012-06-22). Inside The Yoga Sutras: A Comprehensive Sourcebook for the Study and Practice of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (p. 169). BookMasters. Kindle Edition.]

Also, as the great Tsung-Mi taught, “a long-term, gradual approach (to Nirvanic Union of Mind—inclusion mine) leads to a sustained cultivation of (the powers of, inclusion mine) Mind.

3.7 In practicing Sanyama one transcends the carnal-mind and yokes with the Nirvanic-Mind.

Whereas Yoga’s Eight Limbs prepare the Yogi for great depth-exploration of the mind-field, the gradual cultivation of Sanyama can only be Self-Realized with the Dharmakaic and Nirvanic Intimacy of the Unborn Mind Itself.

3.8 Yet, even the great Sanyamic-Union is external to the Unbounded Seedless Samadhi.

Until the ascension of nirbija samadhi, seeds from the Alaya-receptacle can and will continue to discriminately generate avidya, thus interfering with and obstructing proper union with the Unborn. Indeed, all other samadhis are secondary in the light of nirbija-samadhi.

3.9 Nirodha parināma.

This is the process wherein one shifts [in transition] from the body-consciousness to the direct-gnosis of the inner (Amala) consciousness of the Tathatic Mind. This is also known as The Great Stillness from all skandhic activity. Once again, this transition is a gradual cultivation.

3.10 Effortless Nirodha

There are no more concerted efforts of quieting the mind-stuff. All is still—like the calm surface of the ocean. Indeed, unobstructed gravitation to Self-Realization appears on the Imageless Horizon. This is St. Teresa’s “let no-thing disturb you,” “all is settled now,” All things are perfectly resolved in the Unborn and No-where else.

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