Mutational Maturations


iii. 11-15 Sequences of Transformation

3.11 Samādhi parināma

A Transformational Alteration between the distracted mind-stuff and One-Pointedness. A new focal position of Mind development as the mind-stuff mutates into pure and direct centeredness in the Unborn.

3.12 Ekāgratā parināma

Transformation within One-Pointedness itself wherein mental activity and silence come into a balanced position; the Yogin is now oblivious to all passing phenomena—resembling that of focusing on a still photograph as opposed to moving frames of reference.

3.13 These are the Mutational Maturations of focused seeds of contemplation.

Essentially referring to 3.9-3.12 wherein a heightening of the yogin’s own supra-sensate abilities sync in one-pointed concentration on all formal manifestations regardless of time frame. This results in New Seeds of Contemplation bordering along the Eternal-Now of Suchness.

3.14 Each Seed now contains all the variables between past, present, and future potentialities along the evolutional stream of consciousness.

Interplay between dormant, active and potential Seeds of Awareness on the playing field of Prakriti, or the whole substratum of Mind focalizations that remains constant throughout.

3.15 Ordering of sequential mutational modes.

These past few sutras represent an ordering of sequential stages of maturation for these Focal-Seeds that are being cultivated along the evolutionary scale of Prakriti

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