Diamond-hard Compactness


iii. 46-49 Spirit-Body Ascending

3.46 The Diamond Body has an adamantine hue that harnesses strength.

As the yogin steadily advances in practice, each cell of the body is refined in the fire of spiritual-perfection. The yogin’s body is now a “spiritual-one”, adamantine—as hard as a diamond—the Diamond-Mind-Spirit-Body. This Body yields to no-thing whatsoever in the created order of existence; as written elsewhere within these blogs:

It is forming into that Diamond-Body that is impervious to passing aggregated existence (all former personalized [apart from the Unborn] skandhic forms); indeed, it now develops a Mind that rests on No-thing whatsoever but its True Undivided Kingdom of Self—the Dharmakaya. It now knows the Perfect-Suchness of No-thing arising or descending but rather resting in a Stateless-State of Pure Imageless Actuosity whose Primordial Root neither begins nor ends but simply IS AS IT IS. (from blogpost Bardo 3: Bodhikaya)

Indeed, the yogin has now procured a “mystic alchemical process wherein the sarcophagus of the skandhic-body is cast-off thus empowering the adamantine Diamond Body to emerge unscathed.” (from blogpost Ratnasambhava Rising) The advanced yogin knows with absolute certainty that they are no longer the skandhic-ridden body, but the adamantine Spiritual-Self.

3.47 Through sanyama, the yogin gains Self-Mastery over all sensate functions and how they pertain to the act of perception.

This brings to mind a verse from the Tathagatagarbha Tantra:

“O’ Happy Vision—To realize the indelible Secret Place of the Vanquishers of all evil! Breath from Breath, the Clear Light of Divine Perception Won; the fleshy skandhas extinguished and bothersome no more—I See, O Supreme Lord, that there is nothing that I cannot perceive!” (from The Mandala of the Holy Matrix)

Once strengthened through sambodhi, or the focused and sustained power of enlightened consciousness, all acts of perception are now filtered through the very Amala-consciousness of the Tathagatas themselves; no-longer the body consciousness but a very real Supra-transcendent realization of the Adamantine Mystical Body of the Tathagatas.

3.48 From this the Yogin is now completely freed from the sense organs, as the new supra-sensorial organs of the Diamond-Mind takes precedence.

 A reinforcement of sutra 3.47

3.49 The Translucent Self now enjoys Absolute Omniscience.

Now supernally conjoined with the Diamond Mind of Yoga, the yogin’s shared Amala-consciousness is Omniscient over all states of existence. Indeed, thus cooked and prepared in this yogic-fire, even the gods themselves stand in awe of this Transcendent accomplishment.

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