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The Muni

2.54 Arjuna addressed the Blessed One, “O’ Lord, what is the transcendent sign that we may recognize someone who is always in deep-samādhis? What would be the signs in his speech, his silent gaze, and in his movements that would attest to this Noble recognition?  read more

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Right Action knows no Glory

2.47 As for you, Arjuna, act on what is necessary and never become attached to the fruit of your actions; in the same manner, never become attached to non-action. read more

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The Scrooge Phenomenon

A Christmas Carol, perhaps the best-loved tale of Charles Dickens told and retold in endless fashion on the golden screen and in storybook adaptations based on the same theme throughout the years. My favorite version is the cartoon ,“Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol”, a sweet, delightful musical adaptation that premiered in 1962. That one really touched my heart as a kid, especially the scene where the young boy Scrooge is singing the haunting, “All alone in the World.” Isn’t that the story’s essential theme? Ebenezer Scrooge, left all alone as a child and building a wall of materiality all around him over the years to fill in that terrible void? Yet his material-sanction reaches a climax in old age as three spirits (plus the marvelous Ghost of Jacob Marley—I played that role in the musical version, Scrooge, as a young teen back in 1972) arrive one frigid Christmas Eve—symbolic of how his heart had frozen-over in all those years—and the subsequent visitations with all those Christmas memories circling-about in Scrooge’s sub-consciousness melting the frozen lake of his hidden tears as his humanity is revisited and regained, as symbolized by the disabled boy (metaphor for Scrooges’ hidden and broken inner-child) Tiny Tim. Tiny Tim’s life was salvaged and resurrected that new and bright Christmas morning and so was Scrooge’s forlorn and forsaken spirit. read more

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Christmas joke and a Happy New Year

How do you know when Mara got you in one of his 50 false enlightenments?
As your body dies, he pops up before you and goes;
Hey, congratulations you are free – NOT! read more

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Yoga is the remedy for transcending the Kharmadhatu

2.39 The foundation for your Self-realization has been laid. Now put on the Mantle of the Yogic Enterprise that can free your mind from its karmic-prison. read more

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The Ariyan Spirit

2.31 You need to remember your own noble spiritual function. To consider wavering, if even for one brief moment, from your recollective fervor in upholding and defending the dharma would prove your absolute downfall. read more

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Riding the head of the Black Dragon

Zen Buddhism strives, to get you the fastest possible way, to the undivided light of the Unborn Mind. Your own true nature. read more

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Two: The Yoga of Discernment

The Unborn is Indestructible

Arjuna remains crumpled-up in defeated fashion with a long, forlorn frown on his face; Krishna, the Divine Avatar of Immortal Consciousness, addresses him thus: read more

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Arjuna’s Despondent Dilemma

Arjuna see’s before him a forest of familiar faces: uncles, cousins, grandfathers, teachers and counselors, and familiar friends—all arrayed before him who certainly will be slain at his command. So, he grows very despondent as he cries-out to Krishna: read more

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Colin Wilson, (1931-2013)

Just discovered that my favorite author, Colin Wilson, passed-away recently; I’ve made reference to Wilson’s work in the past within some of these blog posts. Became acquainted with his writings as a teen in the 1970’s and his work was most influential for my young spiritual development at the time. I also had the privilege of attending one of his workshops at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY in 1990. He was a leading herald for new existential-evolutionary advancements in consciousness and his eclectic style has always been a source of inspiration. It truly feels like I’ve lost a close friend. The following is an in-depth obit: read more

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