Thought Transmutations


iv. 4-6 Consciousness Expansion

4.4 The “I” Consciousness expands only the Individuated Ego.

The process of Individuation is ego-centered (Nirmana chittani—individualized mind-stuff) and ultimately results in bondage to material-thought constructions. Thus, all meditation practices (sadhana) that attempt to cultivate Samadhi through any ego-centered fabrications are forever doomed to fail. An example of this is various New-Age type elements that only attempt to enhance and glorify the false-material-image through whatever means possible.

4.5 Chitta ekam, or the very nucleus of Thought, is not individuated-thought patterns existing independently, but rather one-field of consciousness that emanates in diverse manner; thus all apparent separate units of thought are part of the larger matrix.  

This is the Self’s greatest aberration—somehow believing that all passing thought-patterns exist independently, when in reality they are an admixture-formed out of One-Substance falsely misapprehending its own Actuosity. The result is that diverse and transitory thought gains the upper-hand over Unified Self-Essence.

4.6 Psychophysical flux is stabilized through dhyāna, or cultivated right-meditation.  

As Mircea Eliade masterfully conveys:

This is what yoga attempts to do by putting to work a complex of techniques all of which together are directed to the goal of annihilating the psychomental flux and furthering its “cessation.” (Mircea Eliade, Patanjali and Yoga, pg.57)

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