The Mind of the Perceiver

Mans Journey

iv. 23-26 Gradations of  Perception

4.23 The Observer, the field of knowledge, and knowledge itself are conjoined in the mind of the perceiver.

This is an advanced stage along the way to direct illumination. The perceiving mind becomes aware of itself as observer and as the medium through which gnosis is conveyed. Hence, this is direct mental-perception; though not yet direct spiritual-perception.

4.24 The perceiving mind becomes the instrument of the Self and the medium through which direct-gnosis is conveyed.

The Yogin, through Yoga’s Eight Limbs, becomes proficient in developing the mind-tool of perception through which direct-union with the Self arises.

4.25 The Yogin now becomes *isolated* (withdrawn into the Self) since he/she now clearly delineates (through the process of direct-perception) between phenomena and the Actual Self.

James Haughton Woods, in his translation of the Yoga Sutras, marvelously characterizes this Forth Book as *Isolation*. This is not being conveyed in a negative sense as one who is put-away for the good and protection of others, but rather as a positive motif of one who is being isolated from some form of dreadful disease—in this case samsara. The yogin, through self-discipline and faithful adherence to the Unborn Will, is now enraptured with this Self-Same-Spirit. In effect, one is indeed now isolated from any negative influences from the lesser-sphere of defiled aggregated existence.

4.26 Now the perceiving faculty experiences the Self as Autonomous and Transcendent from any defiling mind activity.

Recurring thought-streams are now quieted through the resilient Recollective Resolve. The yogin is now empowered to *turn about* from mere surface phenomenlizations and learns to cultivate direct spiritual-perception.

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